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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Pesach 5769

I have most non-perishables, including matzo products. I have most of the hardware. I have discovered that Listerine is kosher for passover.

I have guests (Mother, stepfather, brother, local family of three) for the first and (otherdeb, fringefan, gimmeahand, her husband and son, other fannish friend and other local friend) for the second.

I have menus and shopping list.

I have house full of chometz, but less than you'd think because we've been eating it down.


I know that. I was being funny.

I read an article where Stephen King was discussing his alcoholism and he said that he knew he had hit rock bottom when he would choose dinner invitations with his friends based on the kind of mouthwash he knew (because he had checked) they had in their bathrooms. Scope was a go, Listerine was not.
I found it funny in my sick little way, and thus this joke.