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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Pesach 5769 II

Sink is clean. I have one burner kashered and the oven kashering. The microwave is kashering. The entirely too empty fridge and freezer are lined. I'm cleaning the britta, and have a new filter soaking. My kitchen table is cleaned and covered.

When the microwave is kashered, I will get lunch and go shopping (in that order.) Then I boil my soup pot and a gravy boat, and cover my counters and put away food and utensils. When the pot is done, I'll empty it carefully (no scalded tummies *this* year) and cover and line the stove. And then put away the pesach dishes.

Then I go shopping for my new hot water pot and a couple of strainers and a fat seperator, and maybe food for dinner.

Then I do the dining room table. And I will be done enough to make a pesadich dinner one day early. Tomorrow, I cook.

*Note -by "Line", I mean put down plastic shelf-liners. I do not cover the insides of my fridge with foil.


Why do you not cover the insides of your fridge with foil? Is it problematic?

It's unnecessary.

(Sorry. Bad afternoon.) Seriously, the food doesn't touch the walls of the fridge, and it's cold anyway. Liners are sufficient.

Edited at 2009-04-06 08:33 pm (UTC)

Do you mean the walls, or the shelves? We are lining our fridge shelves with heavy duty tinfoil, but we're not bothering with the actual walls. Do people really cover the walls of their fridge with tinfoil?

I use plastic shelf liners.

Yes, they do. I had a Lubavitcher rabbi for many years. Their fridges looked like space ships.

Actually, their entire kitchen used to look like a space ship until they remodeled and made a Pesach corner.

we're not nearly as on top of things. Tonight we clear the kitchen of whatever's left of chometz and tomorrow the person who cleans our house does a full day of kitchen cleaning for us so that on Tuesday night we can set up and do bedikat chometz. Cooking happens on Wednesday, after I get back from study session because I will not fast and cook massive amounts of food at the same time.

Ah. Cleaning person did hte kitchen yesterday, including lining the shelves.

(And now we see the downside of egalitarianism. :) Since there isn't a halachic category of bechoret, AND we believe it was only the firstborn SONS of Egypt who were killed, no Orthodox women are chiyuv to fast on Wednesday. Then again, I'm the thirdborn, so it's not a factor for me anyway.)


What do you do for the fridge drawers and fridge door shelves?


Have a wonderful holiday!