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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Pesach 5769 III

Most (not all) perishables purchased. Including, btw, a shankbone. And a fresh turkey.

I am a bit angry. I live on the top floor of a two family. My landlady knows my doorbell is broken but hasn't fixed it. Therefore, I can't get grocery deliveries - especially now when they won't check to see that they should call me. I have a shopping cart, so I can transport the groceries home, but then I have a stoop and a flight of stairs - and quite frankly, the cart was creaking under the weight of all I'd purchased today - meat, dairy and veggies are HEAVY. Lots of water in those. I ended up carrying the bags up the stoop into the foyer in three trips (trip number three including the cart) and then three trips upstairs. I'm quite willing to pay for strong young men to carry that stuff upstairs for me. But they won't if I don't have a doorbell.

Also, I dropped the pretty mocha apricot cake, so it's very UNpretty now. *sigh*

I'm just glad it wasn't the 3 dozen eggs.

Which probably aren't enough.

Anyway, the counters are covered, the plates are out and I have giant pot of water boiling now. When it boils, I'll kasher all the burners, let it cool and then cover the stove. And then I'll boil a tea kettle of water and kasher my sink. And then - dishdrainers and sponges and utensils and I will be done. So, not so long from now. Yay.

Current Mood: angry

You have my sympathy for the landlord situation and the lugging and all the frustration.

What is the rationale for kashering the burners and then covering the stove, and what kashrut issues arise if one covers the stove first?

Who is this, please? I'm curious.

The rationale? Safety. It's a lot safer to turn all the burners on with the stove uncovered than covered.


We don't know each other. I'll stop commenting if it bothers you.

That makes sense, thanks. Still seems backwards to me, kashrut-wise, though.

Doesn't mean I can't get to know you. You know my name. May I know yours?

Do you cover the stove first? How do you do it? I use foil.

How long has the landlord been ignoring this repair? That sounds really irritating! (I wonder what the cheapest repair/replacement option would be, and whether it would be cheap enough to be worth doing on your own.)

I think Home Depot might sell remote type doorbells...


They have several remote sets - make sure you don't get the ones that use the existing chimes.