Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


It was supposed to be either Wilson or Kutner. They would never break up the bromance (*hate* that word) and Kumar has a film career. Therefore it had to be Kutner.

So. This show is about House, and Hugh Laurie was brilliant as usual. I don't know how any one else missed it - this is how House grieves. He worries at things and tries to find out why he didn't know and he was hurting so very badly all the way through.

Everyone acted in character - I felt Taub's anger.

I don't know if I liked the muted colors or sounds or not - I'm leaning towards like.

On the other hand - wow. Meat Loaf can act. And I liked that he was misdiagnosed *because* he was fat. Just as House tried to in the first scene for her and was wrong.

ETA: I've been reading the TWoP thread. And I find the reactions interesting - some people are angry - a couple angry enough to stop watching the series - some are crying. Some are both. Some thought it was brilliant, and some thought it was a cheap trick. And all of a sudden, Kal Penn played their favorite character.

If I were the producers? I'd be thrilled. It means the viewers *cared*. Which, yeah. :)
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