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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Pesach 5769 IV

House (other than the stuff we'll be looking for) is pesadich.

There is a pot of chicken soup on the stove and a pan of beef stew in the oven, plus a baked gefilte fish cooling. Tomorrow - matzo balls, farfel stuffing, turkey, vegetables. New gooey cake. We're donating the destroyed one to the shul as part of the siyyum bechorim following the birkat hachamas.

And then? A houseful of friends of family. :)

(Doorbell situation in process of resolution. We did a google search for doorbell repair, and what came up? Locksmiths. Which makes perfect sense, but no one realized it. So she'll call a locksmith after Pesach. Good enough.)


Wishing you and yours health and happiness.

Thank you for a *blink* moment: I had read your entry re House the TV show earlier today and your beginning "House (other than the stuff we'll be looking for) is pesadich." had me very confused for a moment. *g*

Have a lovely Seder.

(I realized I've read all your posts but, having no doorbell advice and no Passover prep experience, I hadn't left comments. So I thought I should say *something*.)