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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Pesach 5769 V

Turkey is in the oven. Dressing is made - and I don't have the right sized pan for it. So. I am Making Do. Which is what you do for Pesach. To come - steamed asparagus and roasted sweet potato wedges (possibly in the same pan as the stuffing.)

And the matzo balls were sinkers, so I'm seeing if I can recook them.


I ♥ my mommy's sinkers the best. They have nutmeg in them! Way better than boring fluffy matzo balls.

It's all what you grew up with.

My mother's defy gravity.

Oh, by me the matzo balls are a failure if they don't sink. My grandmother's matzo balls, you could have driven with a five-iron. [nostalgia] (My father likes them best if they're still a little cold on the very inside. I don't go quite that far.)

He would have loved mine.

But Mom is coming tonight.

Have a good Seder! I was thinking of you as I was cutting celery for the soup, wondering what you'd think of my cuts.*g* Actually, I was thinking of you a lot over the last couple days -- you're my Jewish Cooking Inspiration!

I'm definitely in the "matzo balls should float like a butterfly, not sink like a stone" school myself.

May you have a Blessed Passover!

My mom used seltzer in hers so they were always light and fluffy. To me that's how a good matzo ball should be *g*

Two tablespoons of seltzer?

Made no difference at all.

:( She used it instead of water, maybe that's what made the difference? I don't know, I use the recipe on the can of matzo meal and substitute seltzer.

Happy Passover!

As did I. I'm doomed to sinkers.

Chag sameach!