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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
The Hardest Thing about Pesach

It's not the cleaning (okay, it *is* the cleaning, but that's over, you know? And I had help, which makes all the difference). It's not the cooking because I love the cooking and knowing I'm serving good food to my family and friends. It's certainly not the lack of chometz and kitniyot because hey, challenge to be creative, and I really don't miss the bread. Noodles, maybe. :)

No. It's the fact that not only can I not knit during the actual holidays (first and last two days) and the one Shabbos, but even on the 2.5 intermediate days - the days of "half-holiday", it's forbidden. I'm working on a lovely shawl AND a pretty pair of socks, and both of them are hidden away just like the chometz I sold. Watching tv without something in my hands is frustrating.

And I'm watching a lot of TV - I missed so very much during the first two holidays. So far, I've watched the results of Idol, Make me a Supermodel, Hell's Kitchen and currently Friday Night Lights.

Ah, well, it's only two and a half days, and I'm spending Tuesday cooking.

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Forgive my total ignorance, but what is it about the holiday that makes knitting forbidden?

Because knitting is weaving and weaving is a job. You shouldn't do things that are jobs unless you have no choice during half-holidays. People don't do laundry, either. If they can take off work, they do that, too.

Oh, I'm so with you on this! On the one hand, little self-discipline never hurt anybody, and it's meaningful, but still ....

(I'm so looking forward to my first soda in 40 days come Monday. [Heaven help me, I think I'm going to try and give up chocolate next year.])

First. Thank you. And I can guess how good that first soda will be.

Second - um. This is really hard because I don't have the right language. This isn't for meaningfulness. Or self-discipline. Seriously. It's how the religion sets apart these days of half-holiday so we know they're special, other than the food restrictions. I'm also, you know, not supposed to do LAUNDRY unless I run out of underwear or shirts (which I probably will.)

I'm guessing the lenten "give-ups" confer spiritual something, but Judaism disapproves of asceticism. We believe you're called into account for each permitted pleasure you deny yourself. Also, there's an element of choice for Lent, if not total choice. I don't really have a choice.

Edited at 2009-04-12 05:12 pm (UTC)

Some strains and times are more ascetic than others. Mainstream Judaism was going through a pretty pro-ascetic period in the 17th century before Hasidism came around, and both Kabbalists and 19th->early 20th century Mussarists were pretty ascetic. Neither was that huge a movement, though.

When you have 3300 years of history, you go through a lot of variations.

I'm not making jewelry either, just shipping existing orders. It's weird because I'm so used to doing things with my hands, that I feel really lazy, and quite a bit at loose ends. I think I'm going to be doing a LOT of baking for a few days.

I realize this is the wrong holiday - not New Year, but since this is the 6th millenium in your calendar, what started the first counting/-why- was the Year 1?
Also, I needlepoint for recreation, not income. Would that be forbidden too?