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The Hardest Thing about Pesach

It's not the cleaning (okay, it *is* the cleaning, but that's over, you know? And I had help, which makes all the difference). It's not the cooking because I love the cooking and knowing I'm serving good food to my family and friends. It's certainly not the lack of chometz and kitniyot because hey, challenge to be creative, and I really don't miss the bread. Noodles, maybe. :)

No. It's the fact that not only can I not knit during the actual holidays (first and last two days) and the one Shabbos, but even on the 2.5 intermediate days - the days of "half-holiday", it's forbidden. I'm working on a lovely shawl AND a pretty pair of socks, and both of them are hidden away just like the chometz I sold. Watching tv without something in my hands is frustrating.

And I'm watching a lot of TV - I missed so very much during the first two holidays. So far, I've watched the results of Idol, Make me a Supermodel, Hell's Kitchen and currently Friday Night Lights.

Ah, well, it's only two and a half days, and I'm spending Tuesday cooking.
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