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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I did some checking of my own - Like many people, I own a fair number of fantasy novels with gay protagonists or themes AND explicit sex scenes, published by well-known genre publishers. Some of the authors have been part of a recent MAJOR controversy, but that's sort of irrelevant here.

What is relevant is that ALL of those books still have their rankings. And while gay themed books show up in the recommended lists for these books, the words "gay" don't seem to be in the descriptions.

Take that as you will.


While books without explicit sex (like "The Well of Loneliness") but which do have the relevant word in the description have had their sales information removed.

All looks like really a really bad bit of programming on the part of Amazon...and therefore intentional homophobia.

I have this very funny image in my head, of some poor unsuspecting person reading along, and then OMG SURPRIZE BUTTSECKS!!!