Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Pesach 5769 Part 2 I

Note: Pesach is a week long (eight days for those of us outside of Israel.) It begins and ends with a full holiday - two days of holiday here in Exile.

I LOVE the last days of Pesach. They're holidays, there's Yizkor on the second day, there's kiddush and we're still doing all the Pesach restrictions, but there's nothing UNIQUE to them, which makes them unique. After all, we've been cooking pesadich for a week, so we're used to the restrictions and the utensils.

So. What have I done? Currently, I have three large bowls filled with chopped vegetables, and another with mashed potatoes, with a quart container of mashed potatoes off to the side. I have a loaf pan with frozen gefilte fish loaf getting cooked in the oven.

Next step - I wash the potato pot and fill it with lightly sauteéd vegetables and a couple of cans of diced tomatoes, plus water and spices. Vegetable soup. Then I start browning ground beef (I have three pounds of it) in batches while I peel and slice apples. The ground beef will be combined with saute'd onions, frozen spinach, pine nuts, the quart of potatoes, pepper, allspice and eggs, and placed in a baking pan under a cover of egg-soaked matzo. This is dinner tomorrow night - the fish, the soup and the pie. The dessert will be hot apple compote. Then I brown and braise chicken legs, and steam broccoli. This, with the larger amount of mashed potatoes plus three slices of fish will be tomorrow's lunch. We have one guest for lunch and four for dinner.

Dinner tonight? Steak, frozen spinach (I have more) and store-bought kugel. Just us. Lunch on Thursday? My Israeli sister-in-law (it's not yom tov for her anyway, because she's Israeli, plus she's not religious) is bringing a melon. We're having brunch - omelets, fruit, matzo, coffee.
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