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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Tomorrow morning, I am waking up crack of early to start my apprenticeship.

I just watched Hell's Kitchen...

Chef M is not Gordon Ramsay. He's a lovely man. But.

I'm a middle-aged housewife and former part-time secretary with 6 weeks of culinary training (and, okay, 18 years of home cookery. But home cookery is NOT restaurant cookery, espeically if most of that was for two people.)

Who am I trying to fool?

Current Mood: terrified

Take a deep breath. You're just learning. He knows that You're not fooling anyone. You're not saying you're Super Experienced Chef. You're saying that you're training for a career change.

*hugs* You'll do fine.

Also, OMG I didn't know you read Shakesville!

Yes. I've been reading Shakesville since last summer. I needed somewhere where one could be proClinton AND proObama at the same time. They're a tad to the left of me, but mostly I enjoy it.

No one. You're going to be great. Really, you will do awesomely. You're trained and dedicated and hardworking, you'll do very well indeed.

What I tell you three times, not least right now, is indubitably true.

But everyone has started in the same place you're starting. And some people won't have long-term cooking experience like you do, even if it isn't restaurant cooking. You're there to learn, right?

Good luck!

You'll be fine. Yeah, you'll have some screw-ups. Everyone starting out in something new does, no matter what it is. You'll be fine.

Just take a deep breath and do your best. No one can expect more of you than your best. And I know you'll do your very best.

But a week from now you'll have a week's more experience in your apprenticeship--and so on and so on.

I'm always terrified at the start of things like this, but you'll look back in a few weeks and it will all be familiar. I think you'll do great--not perfectly, but that will make for funny stories you can tell when you're an experienced chef looking back on your newbie days.

You can do it. Best of luck tomorrow. :-)

It's an apprenticeship. You've learned to operate the car; now you learn to drive. No one is going to expect you to be a master-chef on day one, no need to fool anyone. Just do yourself a favor and get one of those elastic support gloves they sell for crafts - methinks you will be doing much cutting.

I'm a middle-aged housewife and former part-time secretary with 6 weeks of culinary training (and, okay, 18 years of home cookery. But home cookery is NOT restaurant cookery, espeically if most of that was for two people.)

That's more experience than most people just starting out in this field.

And you REALLY want to do this.

Don't worry, good luck, which you won't need because you're great. Plus we're all rooting for you, you'll be fabulous.

It's an apprenticeship.

They don't expect you to know everythig going in. You're there to learn.

So go in prepared to learn (and use your Mad Knife Skiz) and you'll do fine!

And (((((((hugs)))))) because I know how stressful the first day at work in a new profession can be.

You can do this. You know you can.

Aw, hon, just perfectly understandable cold feet - you're going to be great!

I'm sure you'll be fine, you seem to be good at coping with stressful situations, you learn fast, and they wouldn't have taken you on if they didn't think you could do it.

good luck

Nobody! You have it in you to do great, and we all know you will!!

I don't know about that, but as soon as you post about food, me and all my characters get hungry.
All of them.
Half of them don't even EAT.

*hugs you*

Good luck!

Don't worry. The whole point about television chefs like Gordon Ramsay is that they are nasty. IRL, if your chef traumatised his apprentices he would soon find himself with serious cashflow problems.

And don't minimise your experience; there will be apprentices out there who barely know how to boil an egg. Yes, it's a different experience from home cooking, but there's a big overlap and at least you know how to hold a knife without cutting your fingers!

Breathe. It's an internship. He's not expecting a polished professional chef. You'll be okay.

You're going to do great. I'd give you my best wishes, but you don't need wishes, you're ready. So instead I'm just going to make a note in my calendar for a year from now when you're doing great for me to say "I told you so."

Best of luck!

Who am I trying to fool?

The trick is to fool YOURSELF. Go in telling yourself you can do it! :)

Everybody gets the jitters and doubts when they start out--and it seem like the more you want it, the stronger the doubts and the stronger the jitters.

You want this. You're not fooling anyone, you taking what you've learned and applying it during your apprenticeship. You're sharpening your existant skills and gaining new ones.

It takes a lot of guts to take a big step like this. Don't lose faith. Believe in what you can do, and what you're capable of learning.

You're going to do great. :)

Just be honest with yourself and your (master/boss/teacher), know that you know what you know and do the best you can without panicking. When you stop thinking you start losing.