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Snippet VI

This was supposed to be a sexual interlude. They had other ideas.

He was warm. When had he ever been warm before? Flash of gunfire, of pearls and blood and screams. His screams. Not since then.

He lay quietly, absorbing all the warmth he could from the man sleeping beside him. 'It won't last. Don't get used to it.' Bruce told Batman to be quiet, to enjoy it.

He must have moved, because the warmth increased. The man, his man, his Kyle, embraced him and he returned it. Batman was silent, quelled by the way Kyle pressed soft kisses on his cheeks, his forehead, his neck. Bruce did his clumsy best to respond, thinking it a poor bargain.

"Good morning, Bruce."

Bruce finally opened his eyes. There, inches away, just at the limits of his near vision, was Kyle's face. His eyes were still drooping with sleep, his hair was mussed and his cheeks were covered with dark stubble.

"You're beautiful. So very beautiful." Kyle blushed a little and smiled, and 'beautiful' became inadequate. At least he didn't hide from the compliment.

"So. Did Batman get anyone last night?" Kyle leaned towards Bruce and started nuzzling his neck.

"Uh. The usual. That feels good. And the Penguin is up to something." Kyle nodded against him and held him tighter, bringing his face into Bruce's shoulder. Bruce shivered. He was too happy.

"Thank you. For not...for staying." He hoped Kyle understood what he wasn't saying.

"I knew." He did. "I knew you wanted me here. And. You didn't need me out there. Because. If you did, you'd have called me. And I would have come."

"Green Lantern would. Is supposed to. What about you? Kyle? Would you come if Bruce needed you?" Because I do.

"Lantern is a given, yeah." He kissed Bruce. "Yes. Kyle...I would come running. Flying. Teleporting. If you needed me." He took a deep breath. "It's probably way the wrong time, but my timing has always sucked." He pulled far enough away that Bruce could see his eyes. "I love you. You. Bruce Wayne. Batman. Bruce. You."

At first, those words made no sense. By the time they penetrated, he was sitting halfway across the bed, staring at Kyle, his hands wrapped around his knees.

"Bruce? Bruce, I'm sorry. I knew it. I knew my timing sucked. I'm sorry." Kyle sat cross-legged, looking at him. His face was a picture of misery. " pressure. Really. Forget I said it."

Forget it? How could he forget it? Those words were destroying him, destroying walls he'd built. "I...I..." He couldn't find his own words. He had no words. Bruce and Batman both tried to find them, tried to tell this beautiful man how he...they...he felt, except he didn't know. Or he did. He couldn't breathe. He couldn't think. He had to say something, or he'd lose Kyle and he couldn't lose Kyle.

"I'm an idiot. I'm such a stupid idiot. I'm sorry." Bruce expected Kyle to go, steeled himself to it. Instead, Kyle crawled over to him and wrapped himself around him. "I'm sorry, Bruce. If you want me to, I'll go."

"Stay." Bruce heard himself say that word in Batman's voice, the only voice he had left. And Kyle stayed and Bruce let himself get lost in his warmth again.

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