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Knives and Fire Internship Day 2

Day 2

This time, I started in the prep kitchen at 9:30AM. I began taking three bags of garbanzos and placing them in a gallon container, which I then filled with water. Next, I got five cucumbers and seven carrots, and rinsing them off. I peeled the carrots and A showed me how she wanted them - carrots cut into sixths lengthwise and then sliced. When they were done, I moved to the cukes - unpeeled - and cut them into larger chunks. This was for a salad (a marinated tofu salad), so chewability was a factor. Then I went through a gallon of green beans, discarding the bad ones and "picking the good ones" - snipping off the stem ends with my fingernails. This, btw, is very possible through a pair of gloves. These were then cut into 1.5" lengths. All the veggies were then combined in a huge bowl and placed in quart containers labeled "tofu salad" and refrigerated.

Meanwhile, A made cupcakes and M chopped onions and celery and cooked and quartered potatoes. While A cut up a pineapple, I chopped tarragon and dill (much neater than I did the parsley on Friday.) And then I made potato salad. This salad is interesting - no mayo and no vinegar. It was redskin potatoes boiled and quartered (and still warm), combined with oil, salt, pepper, the onions, celery, tarragon and dill. We were a bit short of herbs, so we were careful with those. And it was REALLY good.

A showed me how to do the first batch, but I did the next two by myself, using up the potatoes and filling up four gallon containers. And she didn't even taste the last batch - she said she trusted me.

Why no vinegar or mayo? Because these potatoes serve double duty - side for the sandwiches, but they can also be put in the convection oven and turned into home fries.

Then I helped her stuff the cupcakes with peanut butter and was sent "across the street" to the caf´ to help there. I learned to portion out the potato salad and pickled vegetables (and helped repackage a huge container of those pickles to gallon ones),and how to cook the premade sandwiches on the panini machine. And where the takeout boxes were and how to take tickets. Chef wants me to learn how to work the line.
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