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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Call from Doctor

I went to my doctor's on Monday for blood work. *Dispays still spectacular bruising on inner elbow as proof.*

I just a call asking me to come in. Because. I have a Vitamin D deficiency.

I eat cottage cheese and yogurt for most breakfasts, and I've been having cereal and cow's milk for the last couple of days. I'm mildly lactose intolerant, so I don't really drink much milk. I've heard that spinach, which I love, might cause problems in absorbing D.

I guess I'll have to ask her what I should do about this. Also, if that's her main worry, my A1C is probably good. :)


A vitamin D deficiency is an easy fix. I had one. Eliminating it also helped with my neurological pain.

I'm pretty much guessing calcium pills.

I took supplements. I was so low that they gave me 1.5 mg ones I took every week for several weeks. On top of the 400% DV supplements they had me on daily.

I hope there's no crazy reason you're not absorbing the D.

And be happy you caught it before you started having bone problems. :)

Living in New York in wintertime is sufficient reason to not absorb the D. Despite all that we eat that's D fortified, we still get most of it from the sun and if you live north of Atlanta or so, chances are that you're not getting enough unless you drink a gallon+ of milk a day. A lot of doctors, including my own, are recommending that everyone take a supplement between the fall and spring solstices.

I take calcium pills with Vitamin D--thankfully they started making them smaller now. I didn't have a deficiancy but my doctor thought I might be at risk later. Easy enough to handle!

Vitamin D affects your ability to process the calcium in cottage cheese and yoghurt. What you need is sunshine or the traditional cod liver oil (or equivalent)*. Too much calcium and not enough vitamin D in children produced florid rickets - calcium laid down wrongly.

*There has been argument about whether vitamin D is a true vitamin as it does not have to be an external food supplement. When I was studying Human Skeletal Remains in Archaeology, the preferred term was "calciferol". One only needs the fishy oil if one does not get enough sunlight.

As one ages, the ability to process Vitamin D from sunlight decreases.

I'm assuming calcium pills because they often come with Vitamin D.

take the pills!

In the last yeaqr, scientists have revised the recommended amount of Vitamin D drastically UPWARD.

I myself now take 1000mg of Vitamin D3 (there's also a D2, which your body convert to D3, but D3 is the gold standard).

I upped my dairy intake after learning about family osteoporosis issues, but that pushed my cholesterol higher so my doctor told me to take calcium + D instead. Caltrate is chewable, which addresses my can't-swallow-big-honking-pills-without-gagging problem.

Edit: I learned somewhere that the problem with spinach is when you eat it with cheese. So spinach quiche = reduced D, but spinach salad for lunch and ravioli for dinner isn't a problem. Or so I understand.

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