Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

PDA again *SIGH*

I got the PDA fixed. It worked *fine*. It really did. Chris Short is a WIZARD.

Then, last night, I discovered the on-off button didn't work. I could still turn it on, as the Tungsten C has these assignable buttons, and it turns off by itself. It does mean I can't adjust the brightness, well, at all. Well, three of the assignable buttons work to turn it on. The fourth doesn't work at all. Also, six of the keyboard buttons do not work, and the toggle in the middle that works the cursor? Doesn't go up. I have the touch screen programmed to go up if I tap the top half, so it's still usable. Right now. I can't type with it anymore, and I can't adjust the brightness, and turning it on and off is weird, but it still works.

For now. But this happened overnight.

And Palm doesn't seem to make ANY plain PDAs anymore. I'm back where I was a month or so ago - needing a new PDA and the only options are NOT good, because I do NOT want a smartphone.

I use the PDA primarily as an ebook reader. I mean, I also use it as a calender (both Hebrew and English), an appointment book, a note book and a prayerbook, and as a timer, but mostly, it's an ebook reader. The Tungsten C screen was just barely big enough; smartphones are too small.

I'm thinking very seriously of getting a Hanlin (BeBook, EZ Reader - it has a number of names), which will read html, txt and rtf files, and also might be able to do pdfs. It seems a bit more flexible than a Kindle or a Sony. Also, those are the formats used for fanfiction and Project Gutenberg, which are the majority of things I read that way. Also, it will do Mobipockets, so I could use it for ebooks.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
Tags: pda
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