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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
PDA again *SIGH*

I got the PDA fixed. It worked *fine*. It really did. Chris Short is a WIZARD.

Then, last night, I discovered the on-off button didn't work. I could still turn it on, as the Tungsten C has these assignable buttons, and it turns off by itself. It does mean I can't adjust the brightness, well, at all. Well, three of the assignable buttons work to turn it on. The fourth doesn't work at all. Also, six of the keyboard buttons do not work, and the toggle in the middle that works the cursor? Doesn't go up. I have the touch screen programmed to go up if I tap the top half, so it's still usable. Right now. I can't type with it anymore, and I can't adjust the brightness, and turning it on and off is weird, but it still works.

For now. But this happened overnight.

And Palm doesn't seem to make ANY plain PDAs anymore. I'm back where I was a month or so ago - needing a new PDA and the only options are NOT good, because I do NOT want a smartphone.

I use the PDA primarily as an ebook reader. I mean, I also use it as a calender (both Hebrew and English), an appointment book, a note book and a prayerbook, and as a timer, but mostly, it's an ebook reader. The Tungsten C screen was just barely big enough; smartphones are too small.

I'm thinking very seriously of getting a Hanlin (BeBook, EZ Reader - it has a number of names), which will read html, txt and rtf files, and also might be able to do pdfs. It seems a bit more flexible than a Kindle or a Sony. Also, those are the formats used for fanfiction and Project Gutenberg, which are the majority of things I read that way. Also, it will do Mobipockets, so I could use it for ebooks.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


If you want another Tungsten C, I'd suggest checking Craigslist. I found a Palm like the one I used to have (before it was borrowed and broken) on the local CL for only $25, and it'd barely been used.

I checked. The problem is that Tungsten C hasn't been made in several years - they "replaced" it with the Treo. So none are available.

They haven't made the Palm IIIe in a lot longer than that, and I still got my hands on one earlier this year. Seriously, check Craigslist. What have you got to lose at this point?

if you can't find a replacement, I'd think your idea of a Hanlin is sound. I know that I've got a BeBook on my list for the next time I've any disposable cash - from what I can tell, they have a number of useful features and none of the drawbacks of a Kindle

We've pretty much decided that the Hanlin is the way to go. Also, then I get to test drive it for my mother-in-law - see if she can size the print to what's comfortable for her.

I also used my Palm primarily as an e-book reader and it was starting to stop working - not hold a charge/problems w/ the screen etc.
I actually got a second-hand blackberry for free recently and use it as my phone/address book/e-book reader b/c iSilo and Mobipocket work on it. And I haven't tried it but imagine that I can read Word documents on it too. I know you said you don't want a smartphone but you don't have to use the phone service at all. And definitely don't need to use the data service on the unit.

That's a definite thought - I'm a big fan of iSilo.

The iPod touch as a Palm replacement isn't a bad choice, but Mobipocket isn't ported (and from all indications never will be[1]) so you'd have to strip the DRM from any Mobipocket files that have it (unprotected ones work fine in Stanza).

It does a great job with HTML and PDFs. I recommend something like AirSharing as a general document storage/reader.

The screen is significantly better than the (same-resolution) screen on the Palm TX, and 50% larger than the Tungsten C's.

[1] Consensus seems to be that Amazon (owners of Mobipocket) killed it to protect the Kindle. Note that there's a Kindle app, and the base Kindle DRM format is actually Mobipocket anyway, but it won't read Mobipocket files.

I think I'm going with a more flexible choice. Also, not really an Apple fan.

Check with Fringefan (Marc G) on who he has fix his palm. They are reliable from what he says.

At least one of my palmtops has been a refurbished one, via Fry's Electronics, in my case; you may have local or online electronics stores that provide the same sort of aging but still good electronics.

I've gotten a refurbished Palm once before. I had to send it back - my current one had sat in a desk for a year unused. And I did NOTHING to make it not work this time. It worked fine on Friday. Saturday night, not so much.

I got a tungsteun tx about 2 month ago off Amazon. I am THRILLED with it.

Something we are considering doing - we got the current Tungsten C from eBay.

johnpalmer sent me an old M100 ages ago - I haven't even taken it out of the box. Would you like me to Fannish Express it to you?

Is it supported by Palm Desktop? If so, yes. I would very much like that.

What would you want for it?

John gave it to me for free.

Postage, if I'm mailing it. Otherwise, you're getting it out of my pile of clutter. :)


I'm not going to Concertino (if we go to a con up your way, it'll be Readercon, and that depends on my schedule.) I'll happily pay postage - just tell me how much.

I should add that it's older than the Tungsten, and I have no idea if it works, having not opened the box since it arrived.

I don't use my old Tungsten anymore after I got my Garmin iQue and then my iPhone. The last time I checked it (when my Garmin was in the shop), it was still working, but the digitizer was a little flaky.

Do NOT get a Garmin iQue. The Palm & GPS features are great, but the reliability is terrible.

I'll check on my Tungsten at home tonight. If it's OK, I could give it you in exchange for postage.

I need the digitizer - we've decided to get the Hanlin, but I'll still need a PDA, and I'll be using it for notes (I'm still decent with Grafitti.)

It's a Tungsten E. It powers up. The digitizer works, it's a little flaky in the grafitti area, about 5% error rate when I'm writing. It's yours for postage if you want it.

You might look at the Nokia N810 as a replacement. There are calendar/appointment book apps available from third parties. Notebook, timer - definitely. Prayerbook? If this this basically another e-book, then yes. It reads HTML using the built-in Firefox, and has a good implementation of FBReader for all sorts of other formats.

It also has a PalmOS emulator available, so just about any Palm App you want can be installed. It does need a wireless network sync to work for that.

They don't make them anymore. Which is insane but true. I can get them used, of course.

The prayerbook is an actual program for the PalmOs. What's very neat is that it changes the liturgy as appropriate for the day (assuming the day is not a Shabbat or holiday because, of course, can't use it then.)

Edited at 2009-04-27 11:26 pm (UTC)

Huh? I know the 770 and N800 have been discontinued.


NokiaUSA and Amazon both cheerfully claim to be able to sell me a new N810. Upon further research, I see that the N810 Wimax edition has been discontinued - but the base model looks to be still available.

I went through this same hassle recently. I really like the Palm organizer apps, but the Palm as a platform is dead in the water. After looking at a number of options, I opted for the Ipod Touch (which is a i-pod with WiFi or an Iphone without the phone depending on your point of view.

Upsides: lots of options for apps, backing up the device is easy. The screen is nice and the touch interface works for me.

Downsides: I haven't found basic organizer apps(todo list, memo pad, calendar) that I like as well as the Palm apps. The calendar app that comes on the phone doesn't have enough options on repeating appointments (it doesn't seem to do things like "first Wednesday of the month".

The biggest problem I've run into is that there isn't a good migration path for getting your existing data from the Palm to IPod. The most comprehensive option I saw was an App that handled the transfer by uploading your stuff to Google docs and then syncing it with the Itouch. Not something I really wanted to do, since I don't want Google having a copy of everything in my Palm.

Depends on the data. Since I'd previously been using Missing Sync, my Palm was already syncing into iCal and Address Book; moving to the iPod for those apps was no trouble at all. Moving my password storage from Strip to SplashID was a bit annoying, but if I'd been using the Palm version of that I suspect it would have been straightforward as well.