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Knives and Fire Internship Day 6

Day 6

Today was somewhat momentous (at least so far as I'm concerned.)

I started at 9AM in the prep kitchen, where first I started two pots of potatoes, and then peeled and chopped a dozen or so (okay, eleven) carrots, followed by peeling, seeding and chopping about ten cucumbers. These last will be made into a cucumber yogurt soup.

In what has become a tradition, I was more than halfway through before I realized I could do things better - instead of pushing the seeds off with my thumbs, I could use *fingers* and scoop out a larger amount faster.

After that, I was sent to the café where I filled some orders.

Yes. I *filled* orders. Which is completely AMAZING.

I've worked in the café before. J and F have shown me how most of the sandwiches are made, and I've put grilled cheese and the salmon reuben through the panini machine, and even set up plates with the potato salad and the pickled vegetables. But the grilled cheese and the reubens are premade, ready to put in the panini machine.

This time I worked with Chef M, who wants me to know everything. At least, at first I did. I watched him scramble eggs for a sandwich, and I actually made the mac and cheese under his supervision. (The mac and cheese is rather clever. It's all set up ahead of time - a pint container of macaroni and vegetables; a cup container of measured grated cheese, butter, salt and flour. The two containers are dumped into a saucepan and placed on the induction stove with a little whole milk. As the butter and cheese melt, it cooks the flour and the whole thing combines to make a cheese sauce in about five minutes. Then its put in a gratin dish and sprinkled with garlic bread crumbs.)

So, I put together an ELT, heated salmon cakes for two different orders, made another order (all by myself) of the mac and cheese (put on too much bread crumbs. I'll know better next time.) And then F told me I'm making the next order all by myself. He so decreed.

What was the next order? Scrambled eggs and homefries. J made the toast, but I put the potatoes in the turbo oven (900°F) and I scrambled the eggs (three eggs, salt and pepper - no water, no milk) to the right degree - default is soft with no color (browning) on the eggs. Which they were when I plated them. In fact, I made a very pretty plate. I wasn't as fast as I could be, but the eggs and the potatoes were done at about the same time, so what more could I ask?

I think I might actually learn this stuff. (Have to say - cooking for customers, working on the line? That does scare me.)
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