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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Doctor's Visit

First, I saw a podiatrist, which I didn't expect. This is a diabetes thing, since feet are hard to take care of.

My feet? Tired (so VERY tired) but in good shape. She gave me a prescription for a foot cream (to get rid of my calluses) and advised me to get an athletic style insole - NOT Dr. Scholl's.

Then I saw J, the PA. And was given a prescription for 50,000 mg of Vitamin D, to be taken weekly for a month and then monthly. My A1C is good - 7 - but not great. Yet. And my cholesterol is also good, not great. She advised fish oil. I need find a kosher brand. (And good numbers after Pesach? YAY.)


Oh watchful of your feet! (I am sure you know that already.) Tom ended up having a toe amputated loast fall because it got out of hand.

WOW. Thassa lotta D.

Interesting how podiatrists DON'T recommend Dr. Scholl's products. Mine thinks the stuff is too soft and that I need hard athletic supports for the feet.

fish oil and feet

Hi. I've seen you're recent posts but haven't had a chance to read them. Best of luck and success on the chef path. Foot pain is a hazard of any job that keeps you on your feet - I had to watch it as a PT and advise you to purchase very well fitting shoes with thick enough shoes for cushioning. You may also think about getting the insoles that runners use. Sorbothane is what comes to mind as a material. I'll try to check the ones I have and see if they still have a brand name on them.

As far as diabetes and feet - the fact that that Medicare pays for diabetics to have their toenails clipped by a podiatrist lets you know haw important good foot care is. Often diabetics do not feel discomfort or pain in the foot, and the doctor is sure not to cut any skin around the nails. If you are going to be a professional chef, I would advise your thinking of your feet as important tools of the trade, and giving them the very best preventive maintenance.

Vitamin D at 50,000 iu is common as a corrective for low D levels. The important thing is to monitor regularly. I take it every other week now, but did take it every week for a long while to bring my level to normal. It is fat soluble, so if the levels get too high it takes a long time to get them down. My doctor in boston wrote the chapter on vit. D in osteoporosis that is in some of the medical books, and he monitors either every 6 months or once a year once you are stable.

Now for the fish oil, Koshervitamins,com has a variety of fish oil capsules and liquid. I brought the printout to my doctor and asked him which he recommended.

Lots of love and mazal to you and your whole family.

Re: fish oil and feet

I'm wearing steel-toed work shoes. They're heavy, but they have thick non-skid soles. The podiatrist approved of them, while recommending the insoles. (Kitchens have hot oil, boiling water, heavy pots and knives, all of which can be dropped on one's feet. Good, sturdy protective shoes are a must.) Also, they have lots of toe-room, which I need.

I'm very careful of my feet. While I *do* get pedicures, I do not allow them to cut my cuticles. I also examine my feet all the time, and, because they have problems, I only wear supportive shoes. Which means they're not heavily calloused. And I do not walk around barefoot. (Right now, it's uncomfortable to walk without extra cushioning anyway.)

Re: fish oil and feet

Hi, it sounds like you have everything in hand - or foot, as the case may be. I'm glad you wear steel toed shoes, I had no idea that the kitchen was so hazardous. I hope you'll find some good insoles or anything else you need. I didn't mean to come on too strong, it's just that I care about you very much. Best wishes.