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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Knives and Fire Internship Day 7

I took a nap today. I might have to adjust bedtime to before midnight. The horrors.

Day 7

Today I did a little cooking, a lot of peeling and chopping, and made one very silly mistake.

First thing I did was make applesauce. As in one of the first things people learn to make, either at home or in home ec in school. I was told to peel and chop eight apple. I did what I've been doing - starting out doing things carefully, the way I was taught. And A comes and tells me, "You don't need to be struggling like that." And then she shows me how to do things - well, pretty much as I'd do them at home. In this case, it was take the peeled apple and just slice the fruit off the core, leaving a long, slender rectangle. Then rough chop the apple. Took me 1/4 of the time to do the final four as it did the first. I added two cinnamon sticks, a splash of lemon juice and water to the pot and let it cook. We discussed adding sugar, but decided to wait until the sauce was done.

Once the pot was on the stove, I peeled and finely chopped carrots until I nearly filled a gallon container. At this point, the applesauce was at the chunky-smooth stage. Chef said it was a bit watery, so I put it into a double strainer for a few minutes. He also said it needed about two tablespoons of sugar. This was for 8 apples, which ended up exactly a quart of sauce, so not a huge amount of sugar.

A wanted to use the carrots I'd peeled but not chopped for another dish, so she told me to wash out the applesauce pot and put in a flat (about 24) eggs. I was an idiot. She wanted to hard cook them. I *broke* them.

Not a waste - the eggs could be used to make other recipes, but oh, I was dumb!

I finished the time preparing daikons to be pickled. First I peeled a case full of the baseball bats. I've started to feel very proprietary of that peeler - the only one in the kitchen. Then Chef showed me how to cut them into two-inch long sticks. Later, after I got a fair amount cut, he showed how to cure them - he tossed them with about a quart of sugar and a cup of salt. I finished the case, tossed them on top of the ones already treated (and sweating), and added more sugar and salt. Tomorrow, we'll drain the container and add in rice vinegar


She wanted to hard cook them. I *broke* them.

If that's the biggest goof you make on this job, you're a genius. I'm sure everybody zigs when they should zag at least once on the job. I don't cook at work, but I've made one kind of document or graphic when I was actually asked for another format. It wastes a little (or a lot of) time, but no lives are lost.

So you made your first significant (but not incredibly serious) mistake. That's a good thing to have behind you--had to happen sooner or later!