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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Idol "Rat Pack"

Kris - "The Way You Looked Tonight". I liked it. Three out of four judges liked it, too. Simon said it was wet.

Allison - "Someone to Watch over Me" . She looks lovely. Song works with her powerful voice - I liked it. All the judges liked it, but Simon thinks she could be in trouble tonight.

Matt: "My Funny Valentine" (shades of Melinda). Not bad. No one's BAD at this point. But not great. It felt - not off, exactly, but not right? Randy doesn't like it, the others, INCLUDING Simon, like it. Simon says he's brilliant.

Danny "I'm Going to Love You". I'm trying not to be biased against him. And seriously, he's not bad. Okay, he's good. Very good. Judges love it. Simon loves it. And I think Simon is right - so far everyone has been good. Which does say something for the mentor (Jamie Foxx. Who is delicious looking.)

Adam "Feeling Good". White suit, black shirt and DIAMONDS in his ears. I think he's the only one who exploits that stage's effects. And he makes the others look amateur. Again. The judges are blown away. I'm blown away.


It was the flashy gold Elvis-esque rings that got me.


In that order

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