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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Knives and Fire Internship Day 8

Day 8

It was a light day in the prep kitchen. I made macaroni and cheese sets.

First I grated cheese (the types and proportions don't actually matter) in the Robot Coupe. I then cut a pound of butter into 32nds. I put each pat into a small container, and added a tablespoon of flour to each. Then I put a large handful of cheese into each, and covered and labeled them, and put them away. That would be the cheese sauce - butter, flour, cheese. All it would need was milk, and that gets added during the cooking.

The cooked macaroni was mixed with roasted carrots and rutabagas, which I scooped into pint containers. In this case 33 of them - that's how much we made. We're not measuring, so that's pretty good.

At that point, there wasn't much else to do, so A had me chop a gallon's worth of onions. As I was doing this, Chef came up and said I should go to the café. He also suggested I wear one of their caps, which actually covers my hair better than my pre-tied bandannas, so, fine. He wants some uniformity, but he would rather I wore my whites anyway.

He wanted me to go at 1PM, but I was ready to go at 12, so I went. There I met D, who is the café sous chef. I made a number of sandwiches (the fish sammy and the ELT) and a mac and cheese. And I did make a mistake on the line - using mayo, not mustard. *Shakes head*. But otherwise it went fine, and I'm getting better at shouting things out.

One thing that's less fun - I have blisters. I have a constellation on my right forefinger, where I hold the knife. And I have two others that sprouted on my forefinger *tips*. I think they came from forcing sixty-odd covers on sixty-odd containers. Weird.


I'm finding this whole thing fascinating- it's watching you really enjoy a mid-life career switch- you were never this way about the real estate office.

I also think that you must be a refreshing intern- sure, you are not 10000% on the cooking yet- but you already have the actual work skills. Showing up, doing what you are supposed to, not harassing and insulting co-workers, all of the subtle things that you learn and can carry with you from any employment situation.

Compared to an intern who had the same cooking skills you do, but none of the hard earned work skills? You are a mitzvah to them (and I'm hoping I'm using mitzvah in the right way)

Thank you!

The word you're looking for is "mechiya" - "comfort" or "relief."

I hope so. I hope that having some maturity balances my lack of speed.

Ah! I was looking for 'blessing' in this case- because I honestly think that you, compared to the average intern, are.

And I think doing it right, with out complaining, outweighs what ever minor speed change age brings.

Ah. "Bracha", except I'm not doing things exactly right. Yet.

Blisters are like natures little surprises. You never realize exactly what you're doing until you suddenly get a blister in a weird place.

Fingertips are weird, though. Not painful, and not interfering with typing, but weird.

The cheese, flour and butter are all put in the pan at the same time? What sort of cheese is it? Any British kind would go all stringy.

Cheddar, gruyere and parmegian. They don't go stringy.

I continue to enjoy reading about your internship, even though i have little to add or ask.

Ah, the old fave of LoC's: RAEBNC.

But isn't that in and of itself a comment? A paradox!


Wow, am I out of the loop! Hatzlacha rabba!

I would like a rough recipe for a single serving of the mac and cheese set, if that's okay. It sounds yummy.

I thought I gave it.

About two cups of macaroni mixed with roasted carrots and rutabaga (Mostly macaroni with a few pieces of veggie), 1/3 cup shredded cheese, 1 tablespoon butter, 1 tablespoon flour, and a little milk. Add just a bit of milk at first, and more if it needs to be creamier. Keep stirring until the butter is melted and the sauce is thickened - about five minutes. Dust with garlic breadcrumbs.

Each set is one serving.