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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Knives and Fire Internship Day 10


Nothing like starting a day on your feet than not getting a seat for a 45 minute subway ride to work. On the other hand, ending such a day with a pedicure is NICE.

Today, the first thing I did was prep for Thai Tomatoes - I julienned four large onions and quartered a gallon of plum tomatoes. Then I made the veg mix for the tofu salad. I diced peppers, carrots and cucumbers. There should have been green beans but we didn't have any. I mixed these together into a large bowl and then put them in quart containers.

Next thing, I made the tomato sauce (served with udon noodles.) I cooked the onions until they were sauce, and added tomatoes. When they were cooked enough, I added 48 oz of rice vinegar, and let the sauce simmer until it was time to add a cup of soy sauce and a cup of sugar. (Meanwhile, A was cleaning out the lowboy fridge next to the stove, and I kept busy tossing things out.) I also peeled some shallots. We were going to make some vinaigrette, but we didn't have fresh herbs. She did find a package of usable wonton skins - different ones than the ones I'd used before (the others of that brand were all moldy. ICK.) So, once I added a splash of sesame oil and a bit of salt to the sauce (YUMMY), and it was turned off, I filled more pierogies.

The eggs for deviled eggs wouldn't peel. Chef suggested that she put them into a container of water and shake them up until they cracked slightly, and they would peel tomorrow. Cool tip.

I could have left at 2PM, but I wanted to finish the package of wonton skins and help do some clean up. It feels wrong to leave a job half-done, you know?


I try not to read your blog while dieting, you make food sound so good!

There's nothing here you can't eat. Really.

That is true...excellent! I hereby give myself permission to plan a snack.

What you just described has got my mouth watering for it.