Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

AI tonight

1. Adam rules. He listened to the mentor (SLASH!), sang in his lower register and made "Whole Lotta Love" his own. And did it right after a stage disaster with the stage manager taken away by ambulance.

2. Allison doesn't rule, but she CAN sing Joplin ("Cry Baby") and when she grows up, she will be awesome.

3. Duet - Danny and Kris. "Renegade", which is a song I love. Except this wasn't a duet. This was two guys singing the same song at the same time on the same stage, with accidental harmonies. And neither were right for this song - neither are rockers.

4. Kris, singing The Beatles ("Come Together"), which is often a risk. He was, well, nice. He did well with the guitar and was fun to listen to, but that was about it.

5. Danny. "Dream On". Oy. Oy. Oy. I'm sure there are worse songs out there for him, but this was pretty bad. This was a song for someone with skill and range (ie, Adam). It ended up being badly done karaoke, with the glory note being about as far from glorious as I've ever heard. Simon called it a horror show, and, as usual, he was right. Which is what he deserved for having the nerve to sing Aerosmith.

6. Duet - Adam and Allison. *This* was a duet - two people performing a song together, supporting each other, making each other sound good - and "Slow Ride" sounded *good*. I give the credit to Adam - he understands what a duet is, and that making Allison good would only help him. Also, I think he's sweet and generous enough that he'd do it anyway - but I did get a big brother vibe from him, with that hug at the end.

Simon got that, which is why he said that ADAM might have helped Allison stay another week.

On the other hand, the recap at the end (granted the editors had a problem, because the recaps are taken from the dress rehearsal, which didn't happen this week) used Danny's screech. Which sounds like someone wants Danny to go home.
Tags: american idol

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