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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Idol Top 3

Danny was good on his first song, but I found the second to be...off. I'm not sure why. Kris was workmanlike for HIS first song, but BRILLIANT for his second.

Adam, of course, killed for both. (And Bono said it would be an honor. Wow.) Also, the judges have crowned him winner, and Simon told everyone to vote for him. Which - I'm torn. He should win. He deserves to win. But I don't think winning would be good for him. So, I hope Kris wins.


why wouldn't it be good for him?
He KILLED tonight!

Because then he'd be under contract to 19E, which will not allow him the artistic license he needs, nor will it produce the sort of record he would do best.

Honestly, he'd do better coming in second - trust me, he'd get offers before the confetti stops flying and the final note of the coronation song fades.

Otoh, Kris is PERFECT for their style and he'd profit greatly, and Danny would be another Taylor Hicks, and fade away completely.

I am voting for Kris and Adam like mad.

I voted for both, too. I want an Adam/Kris finale.