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Knives and Fire Internship Day 16

Day 16
This was a somewhat different day. I got in a few minutes late because of really BAD subway luck - I just missed the first train and had to wait for the next, and the second train (I take three) sat for a long time in a station.

When I got there, I was told to make pierogies, so I did - two trays worth. And then - there wasn't much else to do. I put away some ganache. I wiped up a lot. I fetched some cooked tomatoes for the braising tuna. And that was it, so I went to the cafYé to see if they needed me there. We couldn't call because A lost her phone. I offered mine, but she doesn't know Chef M's number - it's all preset.

So, I pack up my backpack, exchange my chef's coat for a denim shirt, which I drape over my arm, and walk across the street. One problem - I forgot to take my watch out of the breast pocket. I've been putting it there since I washed the case of celery last week, when it got so wet there is *still* water under the crystal and the Indiglo (I'm a Timex girl) stopped working. I hope it's still in the kitchen.

And what do I see? Chef in a seminar room, apparently starting to teach the class he'd been prepping for. His assistant, K, sees me and suggests I sit in. I ask if I should wear my coat, and he says yes - I should look official. I go even further - I put one of the standard caps over my scarf, tucking in the back so it doesn't show.

The seminar was on Cookies, Brownies and Cake (not my favorite subject, given my general lack of sweet tooth plus the blood sugar issues, and my dislike of baking in general.) However, I was able to help out - I fetched things he needed, I helped clean up and I even got involved in discussion. One thing he did make - vegan brownies. I can't find the link to the recipe, but the key was cooking flour and water together to make a slurry - this shortened the proteins enough to take the place of eggs. He actually made it with butter, but it calls for pareve margarine.

He also made sugar cookies, and the cake base for the café's peanut butter cupcakes. We take commercial organic peanut butter and add salt to it, so it's very, very yummy in combination. The cupcakes are scooped out and the peanut butter piped in, and then they're dipped in ganache.

He asked me to come in tomorrow, which is different - and A won't be there. And I have to be there at 8AM.

I had grilled cheese and soup and went home.
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