Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Not everyone celebrates every holiday. This sounds like whining, and maybe it is. In which case ,

This is about assumptions. St. Valentines Day is relatively innocuous. It's not religion based, like Christmas or Easter or Hallowe'en. Except, it is because it's a saint's day. But that's completely irrelevant at this point.


Not everyone celebrates every holiday. This doesn't mean that those who do shouldn't be happy and celebratory, or that they shouldn't talk about it on line or on lj or whatever. I know I talk about my holidays before and after the fact.

But make allowances for those who, for whatever reason - religious, personal, political - do not do so. Be aware they exist. Those of us who have minority holidays are always aware of this. We know that many are completely unaware our holidays even exist, or what they mean.

I think that's all I'm asking for here. Awareness.
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