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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
I just had the oddest houseguest ever

She's the friend of a friend, who needed a place to sleep this Shabbos so she could attend her fiance's aufruf (when a groom is called to the Torah, and mazel tov is shouted and people throw candy.) Usually brides don't do this because the aufruf is usually the Shabbos before the wedding and traditionally brides and grooms don't see each other the week before the wedding. However, this wedding will be in three weeks - if they had the aufruf at the traditional time, it would have conflicted with Shavuot.

So, she arrived a couple of hours before Shabbat, to drop off a bag and pick up one of my sets of Shabbos keys. And then she left - her boyfriend was waiting for her in his car. She came back around midnight, when we were asleep, or pretty much there (her arrival woke me up but I didn't let her know.) She left around 8:30 AM and didn't show up again untiil a half hour ago, when she picked up her bag and dropped off the keys (and didn't wait for me to say good-night.)

Very odd indeed.

(Other oddity - we'd be asked to host someone for lunch - someone we've had over before. I emailed him to confirm, but he never emailed back. However, we asked two other guys to also come. G never showed up, either at shul or at the house. We had a nice lunch with T and Z, so all was well. But, still. Odd.)


one can walk as far as one wishes within the boundaries of a city, even if there is no eruv

I didn't know that -- comes of living in the suburbs, I suppose.

single people who don't cook or have room for guests will seek to have Shabbos hospitality because those are not meals you want to have alone

That makes sense -- I wasn't sure if there was an active *commandment* to host/guest for Shabbos, or if it's just a mitzvah.

Ah, language.

In colloquial English, mitzvah = good deed.

In Hebrew and in religious language, mitzvah means commandment - as in something Gd has told to do or to not do.

In this case, it's NOT a mitzvah to host someone on specifically the Sabbath (it IS a mitzvah to be hospitable but that's for all time.) It is, however, a good deed. Having Shabbos meals at all, btw, ARE mitzvot. In that case - if a person otherwise would not have a Shabbos meal, one would be enabling a mitzvah, and that, too, is a mitzvah. However, most of our guests could have one on their own, so that's not a factor here.