Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Knives and Fire Internship Day 18

Day 18

Still enjoying the express bus.

For those concerned about my burn - it was still blistered but otherwise painless the next morning. I put on more silvadene and bandaged it, but the tape of the bandage melted off under my first pair of gloves and I discovered I didn't need it. As I write this on Sunday night, it's a barely noticeable shiny place on my palm.)

This day was all about the timing. I walked in and was told to start potato salad. So, fine. I took a tray of potatoes out of the fridge and started quartering them. While I was finishing the second tray, I had to make grilled cheese sandwich sets (7 grain bread, fig jam, one slice of cheddar, one slice of gruyere). Midway through, I had to slice more gruyere, so I sliced a good amount. I cleaned the slicer and finished the trayful of sandwiches and all the bread. At which point, the new potwasher arrived to take the sandwiches away - and was told to bring up more bread.

So, I had some time. I used to make the potato salad. M, OUR potwasher, had spent the time chopping vegetables, so I could use them to make the salad, too. A had me chop up parsley to add to the herbs. I made two and a half gallons of potato salad, and finished them just in time for the bread to arrive, so the tubs of salad could be taken down. When I finished another tray full of grilled cheese, I began on a gray of the salmon reuben. And it turned out, I made just enough gruyere for that.

I also watched Chef purée the soup I made - it got very creamy.

And I got to leave at about 2PM, which was great for a Friday.
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