Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Knives and Fire Internship Day 21

Day 21

I began by making potato salad, eighthing potatoes and stealing A's herbs to mix it all up. I set aside some potatoes for the pierogie mix. This combined, in the Robot Coupe, yesterday's roasted cauliflower, the potatoes and shredded cheddar and gruyere cheeses. I also added some herbs, and salt and pepper. This was processed until just short of "mashed".

I covered and labeled that and chilled it.

Then. I made potato pancakes. Or, as I call them, latkes. I washed and shredded a dozen russet potatoes, using the shredding blade of the Robot Coupe. I used the same thing to, well, liquify three onions. Next time, I hand grate. We had shredded carrots on hand. Then I added eggs, flour, salt and pepper and herbs. When I started frying them, I realized I needed more potatoes (already shredded) and flour to hold them together.

(I shredded the potatoes into a bowl of water. When it came time to use them, I squeezed the water, and a fair amount of the starch, out.)

These pancakes were larger than the ones I'm used to - I make thin ones with lacy edges. These are burger sized and shaped. I had to get used to that. These were cooked until brown on both sides and then finished in the oven. They came out *good* - Chef liked them and everything.

I work tomorrow.

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