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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Idol thoughts

First and foremost - yes. I'm disappointed in the results. I've been an Adam fan from the beginning. His voice and stage presence won me over immediately, and then I noticed he always acted with professionalism and courtesy, and that he was also sweet and kind. Lately, I've also noticed his poise in public.

This is not a criticism of Kris. Kris is very talented - he has good voice, he plays several instruments well and he understands how to make songs work for him. When I saw him on stage with Keith Urban in a PROPER duet, I could also see he had attained the confidence and stage presence he needs to be successful. I do believe that this victory is exactly the right thing for him and he deserves to go far. (Hey, he even held his own with Queen and Adam, so go Kris.)

But this is a singing competition, and Adam outsings him (when they're not singing in a duet because Adam IS professional, and will not outsing his partner. See, also, Keith Urban and Cyndi Lauper on how to sing a duet. Both of which were marvelous.)

So, what happened? Why did the more talented singer lose?

Some folks are talking about homophobia, since it's more than likely that Adam is gay, and he's certainly flamboyant. And, yes, I'm afraid that might have played a role, but I don't think it was that decisive - because if it were, Adam would never have made it to Top 2. The forces of homophobia were gathering against him well before this, and *maybe* they were responsible for him getting into the bottom three, but the fact is, he always got enough votes to stay in until last night.

So what was it? A number of things.

First, there are people who simply did not like Adam's singing style. They felt he was over the top, theatrical and too shouty. They didn't dislike the man, or care about his sexuality, but they preferred the way Kris (and a few others) sang. There are others who don't like hard sells, and Simon, especially, was selling Adam hard. That's enough to turn people on the edge off. And Americans love underdogs and dark horses, and that was Kris, who almost didn't make it into the top ten, let along this far.

Then there was his masterful singing of "Heartless", which, I believe, put him ahead of Danny Gokey, who was also paying for Rock Night - both his awful scream and his horrible "duet". And also, note, how hard the Gokey sell was.

The rest? Comes down to who votes for whom. And to fate and to a stupid rule change - the Judges' Save. Because I think that saving Matt played a huge hand in bringing Kris the trophy. Because it matters who is voted off when, and who gets that person's votes.

The Judges' Save kept Matt in the competition, but ensured that two people left the following week - and so we lost Lil and Anoop. Lil's fans, if they continued to vote, probably went to Allison, and possibly Matt or Kris. Since she was always going to leave that week, no one was surprised or upset. On the other hand, if the judges had not saved Matt, Anoop would have remained in the game, and probably would have killed on Rat Pack Night. Anoop's fans would probably have gone to Matt, as most similar to him, if it weren't for that. Instead, they went to Kris (or Adam - the Anoop fans on my flist seemed to go to either one.) And when Matt was voted out, *his* fans went to Kris. Meanwhile, Gokey seemed to be losing fans - and *those* fans (including the Scott ones he probably picked up) went to Kris because if they were fans of Danny or Scott or Matt, they wouldn't be fans of Adam just on the basis of musical taste. (Allison's fans would absolutely go to Adam because we rockers stick together.)

Now it's final 2 night. Adam has his legions of fans, many of whom were with him from the start, and others of whom joined him as he went through the competition, and then, of course, he got Allison's. Kris has his own fans, plus the ones he picked up. There's an organized campaign against Adam, and a slightly less organized one FOR him (no one is against Kris.) And, since the Adam/Danny rivalry has been on since the beginning, and since it had gotten bitter and nasty on both sides (not the singers - the fans), there was no way any Danny fan would vote for Adam. Yes, I'm sure some votes were because of Adam's possible sexuality (which is very sad), and some were because Kris was one of the many church singers, along with Danny, Lil, Scott and Michael and was even a former missionary, and I desperately hope none of them were because Adam is Jewish, but I think a number were just because Adam had beaten their boy.

Except he didn't - KRIS beat their boy, and he did it fair and square by outsinging him. Because if Danny had been in the finals, Adam would have won - I believe Kris's fans would have voted for Adam over Danny. And that includes all the Matt and Anoop fans as well - because they already voted for Kris over Danny. And no amount of homophobia or compaigns would have made a difference.

So, I'm sad that Adam lost, but I'm glad that Kris won, and he won fairly for the most part, with people voting for him, not against Adam.


The fact remains that 35 million of the 100 million votes cast originated in the state of Arkansas, Kris's home state. Obviously there were autodialers in addition to the call centers that were set up for actual humans to dial and redial all night. Kris won by less than 1 million votes. If you take out the votes that weren't cast by humans, Adam won by a landslide.

Autodialers don't buy albums or concert tickets. No wonder Simon looked pissed at the end. Next year I guarantee you there will be additional safeguards so one telephone number can't vote 10,000 times.

I've seen reports debunking this.

But, you know. I've also seen rumors that Queen is making an offer to Adam. *If* THAT is true - wow. Losing Idol will not matter in the slightest.

Besides, he's a superstar anyway. Which sweet, lovely, talented Kris never will be.

It would be awesome if Brian May hired Adam to replace Freddy but I assume they would just tour together like they did with Paul Rodgers the Bad Company guy. I don't spend dollars on music, but I'd definitely watch it on youtube. I'm never going to listen to kris except fleetingly on PLJ.

I hand it to both Adam and Kris for winning me over in this competition. Both of them seem so genuinely nice, it's refreshing to see. I am a bit of prickly person with no real affinity for either flamboyently gay or holy roller singers so this was quite an accomplishment.