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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Day of Remembrance

It began with a brunch at a local restaurant - bunch of friends from our synagogue. This was a necessary thing after yesterday's funeral plus another death in the past week. But it was also a memorial - while she was ill, her friends took her to this restaurant every so often, just to get her out of her apartment. So it was both a remembrance and a celebration and it will continue.

It is, of course, Memorial Day in the US, and we must continue to honor those who fought and those who still fight. There is no caveat to that.

It's also May 25, the Day of the Glorious Revolution of the People's Republic of Treacle Mine Street (in the City of Ankh-Morpohk. How they do rise up!

In that memory, and for Terry Patchett, I donated to The Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Resarch. So some memories might be kept.

I also donated in L's memory to the ALS Association.

And then, in a much lighter note, I spent a long time reviewing a very silly karaoke show's past seasons. Don't ask me why.

Dinner was shoulder steak with mushrooms and onions, zucchini cooked with onions in vegetable broth and baked potato. We should've had beer.


This is a wonderful post of memory, indeed.