Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Knives and Fire Internship Day 23

Day 23

I knew it would be a long day, and I expected to be tired. I didn't know it would be SO long - 10.5 hours or that I'd be this tired.

Yes. I got to the kitchen at 9AM and I left at 7:30PM. (I took a cab home.) And what did I do for that time? Mostly, zucchini. They were catering a party - the kitchen had extra chefs and everything, and were doing many many things they didn't normally do.

The zucchini were to be hors d'oeuvres. I sliced them in half and then in medium thin slices, and then I sliced the slices in half - but only those of some size. Those were then breaded the same way as the eggplant. Except that first I had to grind panko VERY fine, like normal bread crumbs.

It took me HOURS to bread a gallon of slices - I wasn't done until 2:30PM. By which time, the eggs were half flour. They're smaller and have more surface area. I should have done the math.

Then I took a couple of hours to fry them. This was followed by making little sandwiches of them - the filling being a sweet and spicy red pepper relish. I made four and a half trays - not bad, considering that many were not usable *PLUS* everyone noshed on them. As in, walk past the tray, take one. Because they were yummy. The ones that weren't usable? Consumed. GRIN.

I then speed-split a bunch of potatoes and mixed them with oil, salt and pepper to be baked. And then, I dipped strawberries in ganache. Which means I made ganache. I brought 6 cups of heavy cream to a boil, let it cool just slightly and poured it over dark chocolate pastilles (little disks. I don't know how much - a box full?) As the pastilled melted, I stirred with a spatula. When the cream and chocolate combined full - ganache.

Then I rinsed strawberries, dipped them in the ganache and put them on a parchment paper lined tray.

Or seven.

I was in the middle of the seventh tray when I was finally told to leave.

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