Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
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My mother-in-law has poor vision. She'd really benefit from an mp3 player that she could actually use - one with easy to see controls. Sandisks and iRivers (our preferred mp3 players) do not work with that - the controls and the screens are too small. The same for iPods, which would otherwise be ideal since she uses a Mac.

Now I'm wondering if an iTouch or even an iPhone would do the trick - how visible are their controls? How clear are their screens? I'm mentioning an iPhone even though I believe in keeping phones and pdas and mp3 players seperate because she's also looking for a low-vision phone (she really looking for a "dumb" phone - one that makes phone calls and nothing else.) But the screen on the iPhone might make things easier, and she can download music, and newscasts and even religious classes to that, to.

I told her to ask her friends who might have these devices if she can try them out - she knows enough under-thirties that I'm sure she can find one or the other easily enough. She's also only fair with new electonics.

Am I on the right track? Or will this be another frustrating experience for her?

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