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Weekend - Yom Tov and Wedding

It was a lovely holiday. Shavuot is often really, really hot, but this time, the weather was absolutely beautiful.

There was a change in plans - there was a mix-up and the young couple who'd been invited to lunch already had plans. Problem was, I'd found out too late to change things myself - it was late afternoon and I couldn't get more food and I'd already cooked.

So, instead of coming for lunch, they came mid-afternoon with another couple and we had the ice cream cake, and coffee, and then played Ticket to Ride Europe until they had to leave for afternoon services.

They missed a REALLY good lunch, too. The salmon baked with dill and lime was perfect, and the asparagus tossed with butter - oh, my. Ah, well. Because the weather was so beautiful, I could have a hot lunch.

I did go to shul on Shabbos because it was a yizkor day. LOOONG service - the normal Shabbos/yom tov services, a reading of the book of Ruth (yay, jonbaker, Hallel (psalms of praise), duchaning (priestly blessing - done on only holidays here in exile), the rabbi gave a sermon, yizkor *and* we had a bat mitzvah speech as well.

We were supposed to have a family over for lunch, but the son wasn't feeling well, and the daughter was spending Yom Tov away, so we just had the parents. Fascinating couple - he's a very outspoken teacher; she's an artist from the Netherlands. I made a meat salad because I prefer fleishig for Shabbos, and as the day was a bit warmer, it was perfect. While we've been friends with these people for years, and we even have her artwork displayed, this was the first time we've done this. What made it really nice was when Jonathan showed her his antique seforim, and she showed how knowlegeable she is about printing and its history.

Sunday night, we went to a friend's daughter's wedding (although I was thinking of it as the friend's wedding. I don't know the daughter very well, after all.) She's a member of the Shabbos afternoon parshah shiur, so another member insisted on taking us - she thought it ridiculous that we were planning to take a car service to Williamsburg. It turned out Ch never got my message that we were going to be there, but she was going to find a place for us anyway, with "the girls". (Sign of a different generation - I think of this group as "the ladies". I can't think of adult women as "girls" plus I do think of women older than I am as "ladies." I'm the youngest by ten years.)

It was mixed seating, so I could sit next to jonbaker. The food was okay (not spectacular). The music was loud. The dancing was crowded.

The bride was lovely. The colors were silver and pink - the female family members all wore silver-gray dresses. Note that they were NOT dressed identically - the only thing they had in common was the color. The mother of the bride wore silver satin. The sister wore chiffon that shaded to dark grey down the length of the dress. What I think was the groom's sister-in-law (she came down the aisle with her husband and toddler, and the husband looked like the groom and his father) wore a brocade dress with a train that everyone tripped over during the dancing. There were short dresses as well as long ones. The color was flattering to everyone. I have seen weddings where everyone wore dresses made of the same material, but all of different styles. This also means that these dresses ARE wearable for different weddings, and I know I saw recycled dresses among the guests.

I wore my dark grey suit with a green shell and a green and black scarf combination.

Tonight, I'm going to another wedding - the daughter of ANOTHER member of the shiur. Only the women are going to this one, so we're all taking the same car. And I'm wearing ... my dark grey suit with a pink shell. :)
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