Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Wedding 2

This time, ladies only.It was a (mostly) seperate seating wedding, so no point in having them come home from work early and dressing up. I got a ride with two others - we were going to go all in one car, but two people had to work later than they thought, and needed time to dress. F called just as I was in the middle of "doing my hair" (meaning tying on my scarves.) I took the phone call with a pair of scarf ends in one hand. Instead of walking to her house and getting driven to the car, I was to walk to someone else's house (a tad closer to me) and get picked up with the someone else. Hardly a problem.

We got to the wedding minutes before the bedecken - just enough time for us to greet the bride's mother (a member of our shiur) and for me to greet the bride's stepsister, a friend from my synagogue. All of them looked lovely - this time, the color was a rose-purple. We all managed to get some food from the buffet before heading out to the chuppah, which was in a garden in a beautiful gazebo. (Interesting touch - there were lights on the stairs leading up to the gazebo, on stands wrapped in cloth. On further examination, there were arms holding up the lights. There must have been statues of some inappropriateness - probably their state of undress - under the drapery. As it happens, the drapery was a graceful touch which worked with the setting.)

There wasn't enough chairs, so people were standing. We managed to get there early enough to reserve seats for the rest of the group. The wedding was the wedding - ring, ketubah, blessings, glass, singing. Many people in the procession - there were grandparents, siblings, siblings-in-law, nieces, nephews, stepsiblings.

Our table was divided between the shiur and ladies from the bride's stepfather's synagogue. I sat next to one older woman who had a lot to say and said it to me - this was fine, as she was very sweet. And later, I persuaded her to do a little dancing, which she wasn't sure she should do. :) The dancing itself - well, the dance floor was tiny. I think couple dancing takes up less room than circles plus the mechitza takes up a fair amount as well. And someone should do a mathematical analysis of the currents in women's circle dancing at Orthodox weddings - we had independent lines and circles, combining and recombining as people moved around and stepped back or into the middle. (Men tend to shuffle around with a hand on the shoulder of the man in front. Women tend to hold hands and try to do steps. I basically step-ball-change around, which is my complete dance step repetoire.)

Eventually the band stopped (not before I had to "redo" my hair.") At this point, the main course (we'd sat down to plated appetizers and then were given salads already - no soup for a welcome change) was served - a choice of chicken "cordon bleu" - in this case, stuffed with pastrami or roast beef. There were also fish and vegetarian options. I had the chicken and my friend next to me had the beef, so we traded pieces. Not that we finished. One woman did have the vegetarian - which was spinach wrapped in puff pastry. VERY nice looking. And one of my friends had the fish - some white fish fillet - and it looked lovely. Very well done.

It was then about ten pm, so we left,leaving half our entrees.

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