Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

What have I been doing the past week or so?

Honestly - in some respects, a lot. In most, though - not much.

I should be job searching, but I'm not. I had those weddings on Sunday and Monday. I've slept too late and gotten out of the house late - sometimes not until late afternoon.

I did attend a lovely house concert by SJ Tucker (Sooj) at ladymondegreen and akawil's. This entailed both skipping a sheva brachot and taking the PaTH to Jersey City. This was slightly (but only slightly) weird for me - the last time I took a PaTH train to NJ, there were buildings on top of the station, given that that it was 9/09/01. And it was absolutely worth it.

Friday, I took my spinach kugel to a potluck/Friday Night service in someone's house. This is a monthly thing - they have a mechitza, but every other service they alternate which side leads Kabbalat Shabbat. Since I have problems with women leading mixed services even with a mechitza, I was glad this was a service I was comfortable with. The meal was sort of meat-light. I might make something else in two months.

Shabbos was the siyyum mishnyot - this is a synagogue event. Our friend M organizes it every year - assigning tractates of mishnah (Jewish legal code) and setting the date. We manage to finish three of six books this way, even if people don't finish until (or even during) the actual celebration. Unlike last year, I did finish mine in good time - on the express bus. I read mine in translation, btw. Tractate Kritut (sacrifices for mistakes.)

I love this because it's also a community builder - many of us learn and even more participate in the celebratory meal. It's something I think we're justifiably proud about.

Sunday was a board meeting. I'm currently VP-Programming, but the job wasn't a good fit. I'm running for secretary now (unopposed.) The current one is doing a very poor job, but it's one I'm comfortable with. In fact, I've taken to taking my laptop with me to take my own minutes (which I send to the president and current secretary. And I think the president is glad I'm doing this.)

We've also just finished the second season of the tenth doctor, and have started the second season of Torchwood. We finished four episodes over the weekend. Word of warning - watching "Meat" after a steak dinnner? Not a good idea. (Theme for Torchwood that season? Heroism - small, quiet heroism.)

And that leads me to today, and all I did was make soup. Very nice soup, but just soup.

Somewhere in there, I also wrote an outline for an original story. Maybe I'll write it.

What HAVE I done with my time? This is embarrasing. Really embarrassing. I don't DO this. I've been obsessing over the runner-up in American Idol. I joined ontd_ai. I'm reading astolat's rps (two transgressions in one - I don't read rpf AND I don't read stories with canonically married men.) I'm reading everything about him. I'm *plotting stories* I don't plan on ever writing. I'm watching videos and snippets and looking for pictures for a minor award that wasn't even televised.

My husband is both amused and worried.

Clearly, I need a job.

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