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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I just got to dismember three chickens! I haven't done that in months, and I forgot how much fun that was. (Not even joking. It's a very primal thing.)

Took me forty minutes to go from three whole broilers to six legs, six breast fillets and a bunch of carcasses) and clean up.


I totally hear you. The only reason I cook chicken, living with Wolf who makes the best roast chicken ever, is because for some reason dismembering and handling them is actually fun.


oh dear lol! tis not my idea of 'fun' I've been a veggie for more years than I can count... I was trying to dismember several chicken portions before maranading prior to our bbq. I ended up being sick. My husband thought it was highly funny - but at least he offered to finish the job for me....

Guess you think I'm a bit of a wimp?

No, I don't. You have no connection with meat, and you don't regard it as food. Heck, plenty of people who do eat meat hate the idea of bone-in chicken, or anything that looks like it was once alive.

For me - I grew up doing this sort of thing, so it's normal anyway, and if I AM going to eat animals, I believe I need to respect them by acknowledging that they didn't just grow on a supermarket tray in pieces - and use them in a non-wasteful way.