Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


It went well, I think.

I had to fill out a multi-page application (this was the first time I had to fill out an application in I don't know how long - and this includes the job interview last fall. I had a one page thing for the cooking school.) This meant frantic phone calls for references (what's so and so's address? Do you have such and such's phone number?), and my handwriting is BAD, but I got there way early, which helped.

Once I spoke to Frimmy - well, as usual, I covered my nerves with smiles. We talked food (they want simple,wholesome, nutritious food that teen-age boys will eat and fill up on. I can do that. It's how I cook at home anyway.) It's for two group homes, both with teen-age boys. One boy is Type I diabetic - I can handle that, no problem. I made sure they knew I was Type II. I'd be making dinner to serve later, which works well for me.

They also asked if I could do a weekly hour long cooking class. Oh, yes. Not a problem. (Yay, teaching background!)

Then I had to come up with a sample menu. I did three - meat, dairy and Shabbos.

And they want me for a second interview with the director of the two group homes. That sounds very promising (not counting my jobs until they're hatched.)
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