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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
In other news

I just got my results from my doctor. My A1C is 6.8, down from 7. I'm happy for that. Let's hope that continues. Good cholesterol is up - fish pills are helping. Bad is down, but not enough, so I think I'll be making some dietary adjustments.

I also got my new glasses today. They're very different from what I have now - current ones have a fairly ladylike gold frame. New ones are BLACK with plastic temples and a bit of bling (not my thing, but it actually looks cool.) The lenses are longer and slightly narrower - still in parameters for my progressive prescription. Just slightly edgy. Time for a change and all.

I also got a pair of fit-over sunglasses. They're nice ones, not flimsy plastic, and they have nice gray polarizing lenses, not the stupid blublockers that turn the world yellow (I have a pair of those, and I HATE them.) They're still dorky as anything, but they cost less than a pair of prescription sunglasses and weigh less.


Uh... AIC?

And why fit-over rather than polarising ordinary glasses? The next glasses I get will be polarising (the currrent ones are reacting lenses that do the Zaphod Beeblebrox thing)

A-one-c. It measures average blood sugar levels over a period of three months. 6% and over is diabetic, so the lower the better. I'm doing okay, but I could be better.

That choice wasn't offered - I didn't know it existed. (Reacting lenses I'd heard about, but the concept doesn't interest me. Also, progressive lenses are costly enough.)

Good for you!