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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Tonight's Dinner

jonbaker is having blood pressure issues, so we're being even more careful about food.

Salmon-Tomato Pasta

Penne Riggata (Mixture of whole wheat and white because I didn't have enough of the former.)
1 lb fresh salmon fillet
One shallot
Two cloves garlic
4 plum tomatoes
Fresh chopped dill

Like all good pasta dishes, this takes the time it takes to cook the pasta to make. I started the water boiling. I chopped the shallot and garlic finely, deseeded and diced the tomatoes and cut the salmon into 1/2" cubes. Cooked the shallot and until they just got a touch of color and added the salmon and tomatoes. When they were about done, I added a handful of chopped dill and a shot of vinegar, plus some pepper - NO SALT. I drained the pasta and mixed it with the salmon, etc. Served it hot. YUM.

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Thanks for the recipe -- I've been meaning to try one of the salmon pasta dishes you mention for some time, and since my husband also has recently discovered blood-pressure issues, we are all in favor of substituting other tasty flavors for salt.

You can't do better than fresh herbs and acids to take the place of salt. Some people like lemon juice, but I have a thing about vinegars. And wine works wonders for these dishes, too.

Sounds lovely!

And wonderful news about the job!