Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Oh, the Shame of It

During my Week of No Computer, I began watching all these TV programs I otherwise would never watch. One was Joe Millionaire, even if I felt dirty doing so. So, I watched the first season finale, which turned out to be a clip show, and, now actually caught up in the horror, I watched the second finale last night.

For those who have never seen or heard of this, be grateful, the premise of the series is as follows - an "ordinary Joe" pretends to have inherited $50M, and 20 women vie for his "love." When he narrows them down to one, he admits the truth, and sees if she loves him for him or for his money. Yeah, really disgusting.

Evan is hunky but not intensely bright; if I were one of the women, I'd pick the butler. Be that as it may, he did narrow the field down to two women - and what women!

It was as if it had been scripted - and scripted from a Victorian novel.

Here we have Sarah and Zora. Sarah is pretty and blonde and sharp witted, at least by comparison. She acts sophistocated. She wondered at the value of the necklaces she was given. It came out that she did some "fetish modeling" to pay off her student loans. She also seemed to admit to giving Evan at least one blowjob, and the series was edited to imply there had been other sexual encounters between the two of them.

Zora is a saint, or so it seems. Also pretty, with rich brown hair. She's sweet and innocent and happiest outdoors with animals - they made the Disney comparison overt at one point, complete with music and woodland creatures. Her reaction to the jewelery was, "I can sell this for my aunt's cancer treatments, I think. I don't really know how much it's worth." She resisted kissing Evan, and had to be coaxed into wearing a swimsuit around him - indeed, once she made sure to wear a tank top over it. Her whole town loves her.

Yep, you see it. The classic confrontation of the virgin vs. the whore. And I'm not judging Sarah, because I'm sure a lot of it was editing, if not most of it - this is just how it was presented.

Evan, of course, chose Zora, because he was looking for potential wife, not potential girlfriend. He also may have believed that Zora was more likely to accept him as "himself" - but she was also more likely to be upset at his lies, if she was that saintly. The reason he stated was that their whole "relationship" had been like an emotional rollercoaster, and yet they still managed to enjoy their time together.

Oddly enough, that's a pretty valid reason in my eyes, since it may indicate a strong relationship. At least, when I first met my husband, I thought along those same lines, that we could have a fight and still survive. And, we have and we have.

Sarah seemed especially bitter that she'd given the blowjob and had still not been picked. I'm not sure who that reflects most badly upon - at this point, I'm thinking Evan.

The virgin, however, said "yes." Which seems to mean, yes, I'll see you again, and forgive you for lying, not that she'd marry him. They were gifted with $500K each, and she didn't seem all that bothered by that - and she even kissed Evan of her own accord.

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