Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


We are leaving for a ten day vacation tonight - one that starts with a 5 hour drive. Ends with one, too. Has a couple more long drives in the middle.

What have we done to prepare? Oh, the important things like room reservations, and I borrowed my mother's car, and Jonathan just filled a thumbdrive with filk and other such music. He's also in the middle of changing his meds, which is absolutely the right time to go far away from our doctor. Only, well, not. Which is why he has his third appointment this week today.

What haven't we done? Well. Packed. At all. And I need to wind yarn so that I'm not stuck making acrylic scrubby pads when I finish the current projects. Not that I will, but you know. And then we need to choose books because ten days and only maybe going to two bookstores and a convention at the end so dedicated to literature that the dealer's room is called the Bookshoop. Also, we're taking the laptop and dvds so that we can watch what we want (mostly Torchwood and Doctor Who) at the inn and my in-laws.

And I've been sleeping very badly and feeling tired now. But. We're going on vacation. YAY.

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