Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Damn Damn Damn

So, there I was, having a bite in a kosher pizza place with my mother when my cellphone rings.

It's the agency wheres I'd interviewed for a cooking job - THREE times. I'd called them yesterday and waited all day for a call back.

And the job is gone (probably because of the vacation - which they'd assured me would NOT be a problem). But they REALLY like me. And would like me to train for a counselor's job for a high functioning girl.

Hours 2PM-10:30PM.

Not that I'd mind such a job in general - except I really want to be a cook - but those are NOT possible hours. jonbaker and I would never see each other. There may, however, be another cook job in the offing.

I'm extremely disappointed, as you can guess. Damn.
Tags: job
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