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I'm not a jewelry person precisely, but there are things I like - mostly unusual stones and beading, and necklaces in preference to anything else. I like them about 24-26" long and interesting to look at. I'm not into precious stones and I'm as happy with stainless steel as with silver. I do *like* silver, though, and white gold. I also like combinations of steel and gold.

The New York Times has a Tiffany's ad in upper right corner of page three. Always, according to my mother-in-law. And this time, they showed a stunning sterling silver heart pendant on a braided cord - sort of twisted and abstracted with edges that would catch the light. It was elegant and geometric and I fell in love. The designer? Frank Gehry.

I do NOt like Gehry's architecture. It's ugly and fussy, twisted and geometric. Apparently that works much better in jewelry. This is the heart. Isn't it lovely? And I told jonbaker and he went to the site and found other lovely pieces. So many lovely pieces. My favorite? A twisted framework of a cube - sometimes a pendant, or a pair of earrings, or a ring or a bangle, but the loveliest was a necklace made of a chain of those cubes. It ws exquisite. It was also WAY out of our price range. But the pendant? Not that bad and so elegant. A single cube on a cord. So lovely.

And he was smiling, too. I can't believe I want something by Frank Gehry. I just *can't*.

Okay, I am seriously thinking of going to an American Idol concert. Yeah, I know. I'm obsessed. I've even committed FIC. RPS, even. I don't know what's going on.

But if I go - can I really wear one of my tichels? Well, yeah. I even have a blue and silver one that would do for fangirling. But that' s not enough.

I just bought a cosplay wig. A blue cosplay wig. Which I figure I can wear to conventions and on Purim, so not wasted, but I now own a sheitel of sorts.

We celebrated my father-in-law's 88th birthday (may he live and be well until 120) by going to Abigael's, which is a fine dining steakhouse. This was also my first fine dining experience since cooking school. And, yes, it made a difference. Abigael's serves a spread with the bread - it's clearly margarine, but what else? I could detect sundried tomatoes and garlic, but subtly. We asked the waiter. Yes.

We had a duck and arugala salad as the appetizer. It was YUM, with fruit and a sweet vinaigrette that worked beautifully with the bitter greens and the rich duck meat. Nicely balanced. And Mom asked me how the duck was prepared? I tasted it - oh, delicious. And figured the tiny cubes were lightly floured and pan-fried and tossed, still hot, with the salad. And, yes! SCORE.

I did tell the waiter I was a cook.

I had a duet of chicken - pan fried and confit, with truffle mashed potatoes and green beans and also, DELICIOUS. So good I forgot to analyze things. :)

BTW, we gave Dad a bottle of Wild Turkey, his favorite bourbon. At 88, a consumable is best and the way he drinks - one shot a night - it'll last him a while.

And then we listened to Armstrong land on the moon and I cried a little.

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