Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Adventures in Commuting

The problem about snow is that once you shovel/blow/plow it away from where you don't want it, you have to put it *somewhere*. So our streets are lined with enormous snowbanks, some containing cars with owners content to wait for springtime. The streets are fine, and, for the most part, the sidewalks are fine. It's the getting from one to the other that's a challenge.

At about 9AM this morning, I left my house for work. Unlike yesterday, I made it out my front door. :) My landlady's sons had cleared our steps and walkway, except for the snow that was falling at that point. Challenge #1: getting to the corner. The house at the corner, a very large and long one, never shovels. Okay, the *people* in the house never shovel. This is irritating with a light snowfall and an annoyance with a larger one, especially once things melt and freeze. It's criminal with a blizzard. Fortunately, the opposite corner is an apartment house with a good maintenance staff, so I just had to find two breaks in the snow banks and cross the street.

Then there was the bus stop. With a solid wall of snow between the sidewalk and the street. Some of the bus stops have breaks in the snowbanks wide enough for one person at a time. Not this one. So I wait for the bus in the street. This is not fun nor safe.

I'm still much happier taking a bus than driving.

I avoid the last long walk to the office by taking the subway one stop. This entails finding a break in the snow wall so that I can reach the station and walking down the steps to the subway very, very carefully. It also entailed losing a glove. Since the other glove is not mine, but one I borrowed from a friend when I lost one last week, I stuck that in my purse. I also missed the train, but I had plenty of time, so wasn't worried, and, indeed, the next train arrived in short order, and I got to work early, even after climbing the icy stairs to the surface very carefully.

The rest of the day was basically adventures in *slush*. The weather is warm enough for the snow to start melting, and you add to that salt and the feet of many, many people, you get *slush*. Slush deep enough to get into my boots. Especially at the corners, where people have to cross the streets. And they really should be cleared away but sanitation is rather busy at the moment.

I bought new gloves at lunch, which I'd intended to do anyway. And when I got home, I saw that the house on the corner had a very narrow path shoveled in the snow.

Tomorrow's commute will be much better.

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