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American Idol Concert Review

In short, I loved my first concert and now I want to go to more.

This was my first ever full concert, and I loved it. I'd like to see a real rock concert soon. This time, with earplugs.

I wanted to wear a blue cosplay wig and dark blue nailpolish, but the wig was out of stock and I had other reasons to not paint my nails. So I just wore my wolf t-shirt and a headscarf (and a skirt and crocs) and that was that.

I took mass transit to the venue - subway to NJTransit - and then walked to the Prudential Center, which I could see ahead of me. Passed a mother and small children, one of whom had a bag with Adam's Rolling Stone cover in it. I left mine safe at home because I had no intention of going to meet and greets or signing.

Place was packed, and agewise was quite diverse. And while it did seem largely female, there were plenty of men - husbands and fathers, but also men on their own. (Racially, really not very. :( Not a surprise, but still not good. Gotta work on that, Idol.)

I got a bottle of soda to go with the hero sandwich I brought with me. Yes, I know no outside food, but I AM a special snowflake - I need to eat and can't eat any of the food sold there. This is why I bought a $5 bottle of soda. Well, $4.75, but he had to crack a new tube of quarters and that just seemed too much of a fuss. Note - concert is sponsored by Coke; venue sells Pepsi.

I had EXCELLENT seats for the most part. They were low enough down and close enough to the stage that I could see facial expressions and didn't have to look at the Jumbotron if I didn't want to. And no one could block my view. As a short person, I appreciate that. I was in the middle of the row, so once I was there, I stayed. The place itself was packed to the rafters. I don't even know how some of those people saw anything at all. And I did not want floor seats - again, as a short person, I wouldn't have seen anything. There was only one real, TRUE problem - I was in the no-standing section. There should have been a sign or something because even at times when everyone was standing, INCLUDING Adam's set, most people sat. And I was asked to sit down after Allison's.

Even I know you don't sit at a rock concert. Proof that this was NOT a rock concert, I guess.

And Drunk Girl next to me agreed. Drunk Girl had four beers before the evening was over, including the one she got DURING Adam's set. She was a Kris stan, but she said she loved Adam, too. She loved everyone but Lil and left during HER set to get a beer as well. Got back late for Anoop, and she really wanted to see Anoop as well.

Okay. Idol performance recap. One thing - while I've been devouring Adam and Kris youtubes, I have NOT been doing that for the other performances, so most of it was new to me. I was very happy to see they all had intros - not as spectacular as Adam's, but still.

Michael Sarver - first, he's sexy. I like bears. He also has a nice, warm voice and delivered his songs and at least TRIED to work up the crowd and get them standing. Floor seats stood. He gave a shout-out to his wife, who was there.

Megan Joy - She's very pretty but she did look like Hooker Barbie. And while I very much enjoyed her first song, her second song - not so much. Her voice grated a bit. Her son was adorable. Also, I don't like tattoos, so I think her half-sleeve, however bedazzled, detracts from her beauty. This is just my opinion.

Scott McIntyre - His voice was better than on TV, which is not a surprise. Only Megan's wasn't. And he's truly proficient at the piano. It was lovely to hear. In fact, I would have loved to have heard only the piano and his voice. His routine was familiar to me, but charming anyway and he got people singing along. Nice.

Lil Rounds - I wonder if her family was there, since the other spouses/families were. It took me a while to warm up to her act, although she was in fine, full voice. Drunk Girl left for beer #2 (she came in with one.) She got me waving my arms for Single Ladies (I was also in the no arm wave section.)

Anoop Desai - the crowd, who were already loud and showing love to the earlier Idols, got more enthusiastic here. And he was really good - smooth, dark voice that just handled the songs very well. He also got the people singing. And standing, mostly. Including me. I think he's going to go far in the music business. I hope he gets signed soon.

Matt Giraud - The highlight of the first half, I think. He is a true performer who just got energized by the crowd and fed it back. He never stopped - playing the piano during his banter and had more patter during his performance. He was also on fire as a performer. He put his heart and his soul there, and it showed. Matty puts out an album, I buy it. Scott has more technical skill, but Matt puts in more soul.

Group performance - Megan was eh, but the rest were great. Loved the dueling pianos - they worked very well together. Loved Suspicious Minds. I think it's sad they're pushing Michael into country when he really does have a good voice for R&B. All in all, great capper to the first half.

Intermission. I stayed where I was and read a Star Trek novel off my PDA. Drunk Girl did offer to get me some water while she got another beer.

Allison Iraheta - this when the crowd got VERY loud. We love our rocker chick. Kids a couple rows down held up Allison photos. And she got into it with her rock voice, dancing all over the stage and just giving an excellent show. I can't even think what she'll be in a few years. Amazing. "Cry Baby", especially, was … well, I don't know what America was thinking to vote her out with this song. Keep an eye on her, folks.

Danny Gokey - okay, NOT a fan. And I truly thought he was trying to be Adam - Adam style boots and chain, straddling the mic stand, taking off the jacket, dancing. I didn't think he could pull any of that off. On the other hand, he DOES have a lovely voice and I enjoyed hearing his songs for the most part, although I was getting impatient during the fourth song. I didn't mind the sermon very much because it did lead into the last song - his second Rascal Flatts - fairly well.

Adam Lambert - oh, my. I don't even know what to say here. His voice live has a quality to it that makes it sound different than via tv or recording. It's indescribable, unearthly, beautiful. The other Idols (aside from Megan) sounded better live, but still like themselves. I heard this most on his slower songs - "Mad World" and "Starlight" - especially Starlight. There were other things, too. It felt like a completely different show than the others, and it wasn't just the dry ice or the darker lighting or the major intro. It ROCKED is what it did. His songs were a celebration of finding a new direction (or a celebration of sex - I think what he did to his mic stand is illegal and in front of his mother, yet.) And he did order the audience to dance with him. He got lots of bras thrown at him during his duet with Allison, and then, FINALLY (I didn't hear that, but others did) he got a jockstrap. This time Allison tossed into the audience. He also had the Elvis hair (which I prefer to see), but it flopped a lot. I know that's how they styled it for his photoshoot, so I'm thinking he just kept it and didn't add enough product to keep it in place. It was cute. I'm buying his albums and I'm going to any future tour that shows up here. I believe he's going to be huge.

Kris Allen - he gets a very different sort of flail for the very different performer he is. He has a good voice that he knows how to use, and he knows music well enough to keep his songs in the best parts of his voice, so his singing is a pleasure. And as an instrumentalist - he's not as proficient as Scott but he's very good, and his type of soul is different than Matt's, but he has it. Therefore, he's a better instrumentalist because he's both of them together. And, my goodness. He gets INTO the music. It's like that's where he lives - he moves and dances and bounces and somehow you know it's not rehearsed. I love Adam and I wanted him to win, and I still think he has by far the best voice ever on Idol, but Kris is worthy of the honor. He, too, has a real future. Yes, buying his album, and I expect him to be all over the radio.

People left during his set. Stupid people who missed a great act as well as, well, more Adam.

Don't Stop Believing - I'm not sure I heard a word. The entire audience was singing it. I think they only stopped for Adam and Kris when they appeared. But this is Jersey and this is Journey, so it's only to be expected.

I had a marvelous time and now I know I want to go to a rock concert again. This time with my husband and with EAR PLUGS. My ears weren't ringing, but things sounded dulled afterwards. Middle-aged ears are middle-aged.

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