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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

My lifestyle is about as green as any New Yorker. I have my AC running all the time, and there are lights on all Shabbat, but I also walk or take mass transit whenever possible, and it's mostly possible. I only drive a car if I have no other choice.

So there's definitely room for improvement, and I decided to make one. For the past several years, I've been buying those reusable grocery bags, the $1 ones they sell in the supermarkets, but I've been using them as knitting bags. They make great knitting bags.

But there's going to be a bag tax and even though Glatt Mart has the BEST plastic shopping bags around - usable as tote bags themselves - it's still a waste to get new ones all the time. So I now have three cloth bags that are not destined to hold knitting.

Why three bags? Because they hold about the same amount as five or six plastic ones, which is generally speaking the largest non-Yom Tov shopping I do. One of them is small enough I can fold it up into my purse, too, so when I leave the house, I can just put it there in case I need it. I can also just stuff two of them into the third and carry them that way. I still have to think about taking them.

Those of you who do this and who use a car - what do you do? Remember to grab them when you leave the house, as I do? Leave some in the car at all times? Do you take them only when you know you'll be shopping or do you have them in case you stop in the grocery store on the way home from work?

There are several things I've realized. One is that these are MUCH EASIER and more comfortable than plastic bags. Two of them have straps long enough to fit over my shoulder. This makes carrying them very easy. The third has too small a strap, but it's still more comfortable in my hand than plastic.

Another is how visible they are. Everyone else carries orange plastic. I'm carrying white, black and green non-woven cloth. I'm already a little different, with my convention t-shirts, fanny pack and very non-stylish purse, and now I look really odd. More people will think I'm a vegetarian.

(People do think I'm a vegetarian. I have absolutely no idea why.)

They also make me a bit more organized - i have to put even non-perishables away properly or I'll lose the use of the bags. And I can't stuff a bag of veggies into the fridge, either. And, of course, I have to remember to take one or all. I am thinking of emptying out one of my red ones, though, and asking that that be used for any meat.

See, I may bring my own bags, but I do NOT do my own bagging.


I have four Envirosax bags - mine are in solid colors, but they come in lots of designs as well, and in sets of five with a carrying pouch for some sort of volume discount - which roll up small, about the size of a glasses case. Two of them live in my bag and two in my glove compartment.

People think I'm a vegetarian too, sometimes. I've never understood it, particularly the time I was stopped in the street and after telling the guy with the clipboard that I was not a vegetarian and going on my way, he called after me that I looked like a vegetarian. Granted I wear my hair long and straight and wasn't wearing any makeup (of which one and a half of these are true of you on any given day, I expect -- which is to say, your hair may well be long and straight, but how would a stranger know this, am I right?), but I was also wearing a leather jacket at the time, I mean, hello. :-)

Yep. No make-up (and most women don't leave the house here without spackle.) My hair is long and *curly*, actually, but yeah, no one would know.

I'd love a leather jacket. :)