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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I think I just killed my laptop screen. I tripped over the powercord and it landed funny. There's a big black kiss shaped mark one corner, and the rest is blurry.

What do I do? I got in January, so warranty is long gone.



Found this:

Purely by accident, I'd more or less stumbled across the Web site of a company named ScreenTek Limited a few weeks later. Their offerings certainly sounded tempting. For only $100, they would swap my old, damaged display for a gleaming new one. Other options included a new standard display for $362 or a high gloss display for only $50 more. I decided to go for the top of the line, and went for the high glossy display. The old display was not only scratched, but its brightness levels had already faded somewhat. I wasn't ready to give up on my old familiar notebook yet, but improving the screen was an enticing option.

ScreenTek Ltd offers compatible replacement displays for numerous notebooks and laptops.

Less than five days after placing my order, I had a new display sitting on my dining room table. After this followed what may well have been the most difficult part of the operation: removing the old display, and then installing the new one. For technical support - and moral support - I turned to the ScreenTek Web site, where they offer lavishly illustrated, step-by-step "Laptop LCD Removal Instructions."

Armed only with a flathead and a Phillips-head screwdriver, I went to work. I unplugged the notebook from the wall, removed the battery, and took off the display frame. After that, it was time to disengage the video cable from the back side of the display, and disconnect the power leads to the backlighting lamps. Next, I had to reverse that same sequence of steps as I cabled up the new display and reattached the screws that held the frame in place. Next, I stuffed the battery back in, turned on the notebook, and a clear, unmarred splash screen told me that life was once again good! From start to finish, the whole job required less than 15 minutes to complete.

Now, instead of my old matte-finished, scratched, and somewhat faded original display, I was gazing upon a noticeably brighter, more contrast-rich Glare-LCD. OK, I admit I'm still getting accustomed to the extra reflections on my new display's highly glossy surface when used under direct light. But I have already learned to appreciate its bright and contrast-rich character in indirect light, especially when watching DVD videos. And naturally, I'm ecstatic at having saved more than $200 off what Fujitsu wanted to charge me.

I'll use the monitor from my husband's desktop to help get the data I need off the laptop, including the story I was writing. And then we'll look into replacing it.

Thank you!

Excellent, my utmost pleasure!

Hugs, so happy you can salvage something. Makes my day.

Depending on the brand of laptop, someone on the contata concom might be able to swap the screen for you if you get a replacement screen. (I have done a few after getting the parts)

I'm sorry to hear that. Glad you got lots of useful comments.