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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Computer update

The problem is entirely the screen. I'm using our desktop monitor with the laptop and it's working fine.

I just ordered a new screen via Screen Tek (thank you, dungeonwriter for the rec.) I copied my docs file to a thumbdrive so I have all the data files I want to work on the desktop, including fic in progress. Thank goodness for autosave - the story I was working on when disaster struck was saved at the point I left it.

And replacement seems very straightforward. hms42, if we need to, can we call you for handholding?


Of course. Worst case, bring it to the housefilk and I can repair while everyone is singing. :)

My pleasure, glad it worked!

Kicking myself for not looking around more carefully. While ScreenTek charges $215 at their site for a screen and everybody else charges between $90 and $145, if you go to Amazon, there's ScreenTek with the same screen for $109.50 through Amazon. Same price as most other vendors.