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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

It went very well. Only small polyps, which were removed with no problems, and some fatty tumors he seemed unconcerned about. The procedure itself went smoothly. I don't think I was knocked out so much as very much relaxed so I slept. I seem to recall waking up at one point and watching things with a kind of distant interest on the video screen. Given that I wasn't wearing glasses, I'm not even sure what I saw.

After a couple of hours (I slept through most of it), they got me off the stretcher and onto a chair and handed me ginger ale and saltines (which I checked for kashrut.) The ginger ale was regular, but when they remembered I was diabetic, they gave me diet. And then I got dressed and Jonathan took me home by cab.

(And all the time I was chugging that drink down last night - 4 liters drunk a cup at a time at 15 minute intervals - I kept thinking about Harry forcefeeding Dumbledore that potion. It works EXTREMELY well.)


Glad to hear it went so smoothly, and your health is so good.

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The drink itself is like a slightly chalky lemonade - not entirely pleasant, but not horrible. It's that I had to consume 4 liters of it one cup at a time. So, yeah, by the second liter or so I was choking it down, and once I had to spit part out.

I was never quite nauseated, but you will spend a lot of time in the bathroom. That's what you're supposed to do.

You're pretty much my age. I'm doing this now because I have family history. jonbaker does not have family history, so he can wait until he's past fifty.

Actually, I have lots of family history. I've been exploring it online with some distant (3rd and 5th) cousins by email, on ancestry.com and jewishgen.org. But fortunately, no colon problems (knock Jerusalem stone).

Good to hear you're doing okay.

Glad to hear that things went well.