Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


It went very well. Only small polyps, which were removed with no problems, and some fatty tumors he seemed unconcerned about. The procedure itself went smoothly. I don't think I was knocked out so much as very much relaxed so I slept. I seem to recall waking up at one point and watching things with a kind of distant interest on the video screen. Given that I wasn't wearing glasses, I'm not even sure what I saw.

After a couple of hours (I slept through most of it), they got me off the stretcher and onto a chair and handed me ginger ale and saltines (which I checked for kashrut.) The ginger ale was regular, but when they remembered I was diabetic, they gave me diet. And then I got dressed and Jonathan took me home by cab.

(And all the time I was chugging that drink down last night - 4 liters drunk a cup at a time at 15 minute intervals - I kept thinking about Harry forcefeeding Dumbledore that potion. It works EXTREMELY well.)

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