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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Things what I have done

1. I have gotten dressed. This is NOT a small deal, given how late I did it last night.
2. I have voted in the Democratic Primary. Which also means I have Gotten Out of the House.
3. I have called the therapist and left a message.
4. I have begun a pot of chicken soup. In fact, it has been skimmed crystal clear and I have added the vegetables and herbs.

Not done:
Work on resume
Work on story

Still. Progress has been made.


while i have gotten pretty much nothing done, except to download and watch a bunch of supernatural (for the last three days).... hang in there, it gets better.

Not lately...but I'm sure it will. :)

Although you don't know me, I am sending you hugs through the ether -{{{mamadeb}}}. Depression sucks!! You need to take a big stick and beat it back! That you are still writing is a good sign. Know that we, the anonymous lurkers out here, are still reading. I hope that knowledge helps pierce the gloom. You are not alone and others care about you.

Good luck, and keep putting one foot in front of the other,

I know who you are. I friended you a long time ago. :)

And THANK YOU. It does help. A lot.


I understand and sympathize; I live with chronic depression and it can be pretty debilitating at times. I'm glad you've called the therapist, and I hope you can get in for an appointment soon.

I just need motivation. Fear's a good one. I hope she calls back soon, though.

Count the small successes they are worth something. I do understand as just trying to do anything tonight has been difficult at best. Good luck with everything!

It's like moving through molasses, sometimes.

But it will get better because it has in the past. :)


It will get better. You see what's happening and you're taking steps to do something about it; that puts you ahead of the pack.

That knowledge doesn't make it suck less now, though, and I'm sorry you're having to go through that.

It's been many years now, but it's not my first time doing this dance,and I've been afraid of this for months.

I think I caught before it went critical, though. If she calls back. :)

Baby steps are not a bad thing.

Every bit of progress is progress.

I know. :)

I'm glad you managed to get things done. Especially the voting in the primary. (I'm still a little nostalgic for NYC elections.)

Progress is a good thing.

Voting I do, most of the time. This time it was for three offices, but one is the all-important mayor.

Not that he has a chance against Bloomberg.

Go you!

I'd be happy to proofread the resume if that will help you get it done. :)

(I suspect the story is for a fandom I'm not familiar with.)

Thank you!

The fandom is American Idol RPF.

The charity thing, though, is very *cool*. Adam asked his fans to donate money instead of giving him gifts, some of which were very expensive. I mean, a Chanel necklace? So he set up a page with DonorsChoose and got about 11K. Then they set up a challenge - the fan group who donated the most money would win a chat session. Nice idea, and they all probably thought it would bring in a few thousand dollars. As you can see, it's brought in considerably more and there are still four days left. The biggest group is the LJ one I'm involved with and that nearly $60K comes from, largely, $1, $5 and $10 donations by a bunch of girls in their teens and twenties. I'm quite proud of them. Some of them have never given to charity before in their lives and they're amazed at how good it feels. So much so that even with a clear and unbeatable lead, they're still giving, often funding big projects in days.

It's truly an amazing thing. :)

You're an inspiration.