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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
No hot water

I was just about to take a shower - seriously, I'd gathered towels and everything - when our phone rang. Landlady. We have cold water right now, but no hot because our hot water tank (our apartment has its own - we live in a two-family) broke. And leaked. And flooded. Last night.

She's expecting the plumber.

So. No shower for me. *sigh* And note - before 9AM, too. I was all proud of myself.


Eeep! I'm glad your landlady called you *before* you got into the icy shower.

Great timing, right? So I got dressed instead.

Yeah, finding that out directly really sucks.

I hope you have hot water by now.

Cold showers are annoying. I remember the experience from my old apartment. Just another reason I'm glad to be out of there. Hope the hot water get fixed soon.